The Light of Kahless, Issue 4 is the fourth and final issue in IDW Publishing's Discovery miniseries, The Light of Kahless.


In the final installment, the Klingon leader T'Kuvma embraces his destiny and fights to unite the many Houses of the Klingon Empire... ultimately leading to epic conflict with the Federation.


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After a violent clash with his sister J'ula, T'Kuvma is a Klingon without a house. But while J'ula keeps the family name and fortune, T'Kuvma gets the bones of their ancestors... and the ancestral ship. Now, he goes out into the stars to build a new house for himself and any other Klingon who believes in what the Empire was and what it could be again.

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L'Rell • VoqT'KuvmaKhel

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Klingon EmpireUnited Federation of Planets

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Communication relayBeacon of Kahless

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