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The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture was Pocket Books's guide to the making of the first movie, which contained Robert Fletcher and Fred B. Phillips's costuming and makeup notes on the alien races and cultures glimpsed in the movie. The book is credited to Susan Sackett and Gene Roddenberry.


This is the full, exhilarating story of a journey as exciting – and as grueling – as any the Starship Enterprise has ever taken – from the birth of Gene Roddenberry's great idea to the completion of a great movie ... a journey that carried cast, crew and hundreds of behind-the-scenes people as far as imagination, skill and the latest special optical effects technology could take them.
This is how it happened – the unexpected problems, the setbacks, the daily struggles and victories – from the reunion of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Chekov, and the rest of the crew to the final moments of triumph in ... The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.


  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface by Susan Sackett
  • Introduction by Gene Roddenberry
  • Chapter 1. Bon Voyage
  • Chapter 2. The Resurrection
  • Chapter 3. Sub-Warp Speed
  • Chapter 4. The Almost (Again) Television Show
  • Chapter 5. Déjà Vu
  • Chapter 6. The Script's The Thing
  • Chapter 7. Robert Wise
  • Chapter 8. Arts Gratia Artis
  • Chapter 9. Camelot Revisited
  • Chapter 10. The Rest of the Knights
  • Chapter 11. Spray-and-Wear Clothing
  • Chapter 12. Put On an Alien Face
  • Chapter 13. Property of Star Trek
  • Chapter 14. Take My Advice...
  • Chapter 15. It's Not All Done With Mirrors
  • Chapter 16. Welcome to Vulcan; Please Don't Feed the Bears
  • Chapter 17. All Hands on Deck
  • Chapter 18. It's a Wrap
  • Chapter 19. After the Trek Is Over
  • Chapter 20. Optical Optimism
  • Chapter 21. Keep On Trekkin'
  • The Motion Picture Production Credits


"Real" people

Isaac AsimovMajel BarrettStephen CollinsJames DoohanHarlan EllisonRobert FletcherD.C. FontanaAlan Dean FosterDavid GautreauxDeForest KelleyPersis KhambattaWalter KoenigHarold LivingstonNichelle NicholsLeonard NimoyFred B. PhillipsJon PovillJesco von PuttkamerGene RoddenberryWilliam ShatnerGeorge TakeiBjo TrimbleGrace Lee WhitneyRobert Wise
Referenced only
Lee ColeAlbert Einstein


Christine ChapelPavel ChekovMike ClearyWillard DeckerIliaLeonard McCoyJames T. KirkJanice RandMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluNyota UhuraV'gerVaylin Zaand
Referenced only
ArexAliceCheshire catGuardian of ForeverShiboline M'Ress Paddy O'RyanShamin priestTashaXon

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise (refit Constitution-class heavy cruiser)


Aaamazzara114-Delta VDelta IVEarth (orbital office complexSan FranciscoSan Francisco Navy Yards) • K'normO'Ryan's PlanetRhaandaranVulcan

Races and cultures


States and organizations

FederationNASAStarfleet (command divisionsciences divisionmedicalsecurityoperations division)

Science and classification

antigravarmorbelt bucklecommunicatorcomputercomputer clipboardearpiecehelmetone-man elevatorphaserphoton torpedorespiratorscannersonic analyzerspace suitstylustemperature timertransportertricorderuniversal translatorVoyager 6warp drive

Materials and substances



Earth tongueKlingon languagelanguageSaurian languageVulcan language

Ranks and titles

ambassadorattendantcaptaincommandercommunications officerdiplomatecologistengineering chiefinterpreterlieutenantnavigatorpriestscience officersecurity chiefshepherdtechniciantransporter chiefwarrior

Other references

22nd centuryanimalarmybeeBerbbotjahaabirdblack holebrainbridgecargo deckcloneclothingcommunicationdeserteagleeggemotionengineeringesperevolutionfishfoods and beveragesgalaxygravitational fieldhearthelminfantryjewelryleopardmathematicsmattermind meldmusicpoemrhinocerosStarfleet uniform (early 2270s) (assignment patchclass A uniformclass B uniformdress uniformjump suitfield jacketshoulder board) • subspacetelekinesistelepathyTheory of General RelativityturtleVulcan Mastersweapons control stationwhalewormholezero gravity



  • In addition to information on various alien races, the book also published Roddenberry's backstory for Ilia, including details about her father, as well as information on Deltan culture.


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