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"The Man Trap" was the sixth episode of Star Trek: The Original Series in the show's first season, becoming the first episode of the Star Trek franchise to air on television on 8 September 1966. The episode was written by George Clayton Johnson, directed by Marc Daniels and novelized as "The Unreal McCoy" in Star Trek 1 by James Blish.



Episode characters[]

Robert AbramsBarnhartBeauregardBerkeleyRobert CraterNancy Crater (creature)Scott DarnellGreenBill HadleyHarrisonJames T. KirkRyan LeslieLeonard McCoyJanice RandMontgomery ScottSpockSturgeonHikaru SuluNyota UhuraVinci (?) • unnamed 2260s USS Enterprise personnel
Referenced only 
José DominguezNancy Crater

Novelization characters[]

BarnhartBierceNancy Bierce (creature)Scott DarnellJames T. KirkSpockNyota Uhura
Referenced only 
Nancy Bierce

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser)


M-113 (aka Regulus VIII)
Referenced only 
Corinth IVVulcanWrigley's Pleasure Planet

Shipboard areas[]

USS Enterprise 

Races and cultures[]

HumanVulcanSalt vampire

States and organizations[]

StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

Technology and weapons[]

communicatorphaser pistollaser pistol

Ranks and titles[]

captaincrewmanship's surgeonFederation Starfleet ranksFederation Starfleet ranks (2260s)

Other references[]

Borgia plantBotulinusbuffalochili peppergeneral quartersGertrudeGreat Bird of the GalaxyM-113 creaturemedical tricorderpassenger pigeonpentathnolsaltSaurian brandyStarfleet uniform (2265-2270)Starfleet uniformtimetitleuniformuniverseweeperarboretumplumtapiocachili peppergeneral quartersautopsy1914copperpoisonaspirinpetechiamottlingparsnipcaptain's logcaptain's log, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), 2266Starfleet General Orders and Regulationsaconitealkaloidaspirinautopsyborgia rootbotulinusbuffalogeneral quartersmousenarcosynthesispassenger pigeonpentaholpetachiaephysicalsaltsalt tabletsalt vampiretapioacatranquilizervacuum mottling


prior to 2266 
Nancy is taken by the creature. (prior to episode/novelization)
stardate 1513.1, 2266 (2260s chronology, 2264–2270 Enterprise voyages
Enterprise travels to M-113.


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