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DS9 comic: "Victims of Deceit" (part 3).

The Maquis: Soldier of Peace is a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comic miniseries published by Malibu Comics in 1994 and 1995. The story was later collected (along with preceding "War Games" from Issue #18) as an 84 page omnibus edition (ISBN 0752202456) by Boxtree in March 1996.

History and specifics

This series is a notable early example of the practice of releasing a variant cover, in this case a photo variant. Besides the regular illustration on issue #1, a collectible variant with a photo of Siddig el-Fadil from the set of filming DS9 episode: "The Maquis" was available. The photo cover was later used as the cover of the Boxtree collected edition.


Collected edition



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