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The Mines of Selka: FASA RPG adventure module detailing the efforts of a Starfleet Intelligence team sent in to investigate the disappearance of United Federation of Planets merchant ship vessels near the Orion homeworld and colonies near the Rigel system.



Roger S. Bar-DavidPatrick H. ChenNidi-loo DuranguilEllie Mae HarrelsonHidalgo R. LopezJamie J. MartinezArthur S. NakamuraTina M. OrgulloTyrella N. RegulanNahwadi I. SinghshiKren StasoTerrence R. St. SimonSta M. SwoolaPolly N. TaylorchiGuy TeurookIllya I. TurgowiczCho-li W. Yung

Starships and vehicles

USS Albert (Tavares class II freighter) • Bolt (Lightning-class) • Jessup class II (freighter) • Klondike class II (prospecting vessel) • Monon class IV (freighter) • Pulsar class II (warpshuttle)
Referenced only
USS DevonshireUSS EnterpriseUSS ExeterFun GuysHigh RiderUSS HopliteUSS LeydenUSS ReliantUSS Tandou-RoTwo-Timer


AdminvolmAgrivolmAndorCamp OneCoridanFactovolmHuman Luck LodeInsysvolmLozanz StrikeOutsysvolmPowervolmResivolmRomulan Neutral ZoneSelkadroonSelka systemStarbase 27StorvolmTallwi systemZephrem system

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

Ore Haulers, Ltd.Regulan clanStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

Other references