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Introduction (blurb)

Modala, a peaceful, developing world, is suddenly thrown into turmoil when the government uses alien technology to subjugate the population. Captain Kirk and the U.S.S. Enterprise gets embroiled in the battle, only to find themselves a part of the revolution.

A hundred years later, the Enterprise returns to Modala, bringing with them survivors of that adventure — Spock and McCoy. The centennial celebration is abruptly halted by the arrival of the Ferengi, and Captain Picard must rely on these living legends to help save Modala...again.

For the first time anywhere, a crossover of characters from these smash hit series. A graphic novel with action, danger, humor, and plenty of excitement!


Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek: The Next Generation


The Stardates given in in the Captain Kirk's Personal Logs in parts one and four (3012.4 and 3012.7) place this TOS story concurrently with "The Menagerie." The dates 44375.7, given in Dr. McCoy's personal log in part five, and 44398.7, given in Captain Picard's personal log in part eight, would mean that the TNG episode "Data's Day" likewise took place during the 24th century timeframe of this mission. Elements of each of these stories, such as the Enterprise orbiting Modala, makes each of these placements inconsistent with canon material.