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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Blueprints were a collection of in-universe diagrams and schematics of starships and vehicles that appeared in TOS movie: The Motion Picture. Produced by David Kimble, 14 folded sheets were inserted within a plastic pouch, similar to the Star Trek Blueprints released in 1975. Andrew Probert "authenticated" the ship exteriors, Lee Cole the main bridge diagrams, and all were "approved" by Gene Roddenberry. The package was published by Pocket Books imprint Wallaby Books.


14 Official Blueprints — The New Enterprise and Bridge • The Klingon Cruiser and Bridge • The Vulcan Shuttle • The Travel Pod • The Work Bee with Grabber Sled and Cargo-Train Attachments • 32 views in all!!! Actual size: 13 1/8" x 19" — Spacecraft rendered by David Kimble


Refit USS Enterprise
  • Sheet 1: outboard profile
  • Sheet 2: outboard top view
  • Sheet 3: outboard bow/stern
  • Sheet 4: outboard bottom view
  • Sheet 5: bridge
K't'inga-class Klingon warship
  • Sheet 6: outboard profile
  • Sheet 7: outboard top view
  • Sheet 8: outboard bow/stern
  • Sheet 9: bridge
Vulcan shuttle/warp sled
  • Sheet 10: starboard profile
  • Sheet 11: top view, bottom view, bow/stern
Work bee
  • Sheet 12: top, port side, stern
  • Sheet 13: grabber sled attachment port side and stern; cargo train attachment port side
Travel pod
  • Sheet 14: port side, bow/stern, bottom views


Starships and vehicles

Drell-4 Klingon warship battle cruiserUSS Enterprise (MK-IX-A Enterprise-class heavy cruiser) • Model MK-II-B orbital inspection travel podModel IV Alpha class work beeMK-VIII-LRS long-range Vulcan-class shuttle & warp sled


Sol system (EarthNorth AmericaSan Francisco)

States and organizations

Klingon EmpireStarfleetStarfleet IntelligenceUnited Federation of Planets

Science and classification

artificial gravityastral compasscloaking devicecommand chaircommunicationscomputerdeflectordeflector griddeflector platedilithiumdisruptorduotronicsflush intakeflush ventforcefieldformation lightgrav-platehydrogen sensorimpulse deflection crystalimpulse engineintercoolerlife supportmagnatomic flux chillermagnatomic flux constrictormain sensormain viewernavigation lightphaserphaser bankphoton torpedoradiation exposure shieldreaction-control thrustersecurityspace-energy/matter sink acquisitiontransporterwarp drivewarp engineweapon

Shipboard locations

botanical sectionbridgecargo deckdocking portengineeringengineering sectiongangway hatchhangar deckhelmintermix chamberlanding baynavigationnavigational domeofficer's loungephoton torpedo tubequartersrecreation decksaucer sectionsickbaywarp nacelle

Ranks and titles

captainenlistedhelmpersonnavigatorofficerscience officer

Other references

antimattergravityhydrogenship's logwarp factor


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