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When sensors indicate a possible wormhole nearby, Captain Janeway is eager to investigate—hoping to find a shortcut back to the Federation. Instead, she discovers a solar system being systematically pillaged by the warlike Akerians.
The last thing Janeway wants is to get caught up in someone else's war, but to check out the wormhole—and to protect the innocent inhabitants of Veruna Four—she has no choice but to take on the Akerians.
But who knows what unexpected dangers lurk beneath the crimson glow of the murdered sun?



AnahuJoseph CareyChakotayThe DoctorFrazierGaraiKathryn JanewayKaaviKesHarry KimLinneasMiweniNataNeelixNelekTom ParisRivaRixtuTakodaTelaracB'Elanna TorresTuvok
Referenced only
CaretakerAdolf HitlerIphusMark JohnsonMollySeska

Starships and vehicles

colony shipConquestConvictionDestroyerFederation shuttlecraftSoulVictoryUSS Voyager
Referenced only


BlessingSun-EaterVerunaVeruna IV
Referenced only
AkerasAtlantisBadlandsEgyptGarus PrimeKamaricaNamaris IINew Zealand

Races and cultures

AkerianHuman (CherokeeNavajo) • KlingonOcampaTalaxianVerunanVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

Akerian EmpireEmpirical Exploratory UnitStarfleet
Referenced only

Science and technology

airlockblack holebloodcombadgecomputereggenvirosuitforce fieldgravitongraviton polarity source generatorgravity bootholodeckhologramhydrogenhyposprayimpulse enginemedical tricorderphaserphaser riflephoton torpedored giantreplicatorsensorshieldsstructural integrity fieldsubspacetractor beamtransportertricorderturboliftverteronviewscreenwarp enginewormhole

Ranks and titles


Other references

Alice in Wonderlandanimal guideaway teamBekovian toth-eaterbridgecaptain's logchickencoffeeconcavityconference roomdragonIrish setterlizardParadise LostplanetPrime Directivered alertsickbayslavery • "Song of the Young War God" • teatigerTrail of TearstreeVihawarwateryellow alert



  • Even though Janeway and Paris are on the cover, their roles are relegated to B-plots in the story, while it is Commander Chakotay who receives the A-plot.



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