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The Newspaper Comics, Volume 1 is the first collection of comic strips that were published in Los Angeles Times Syndicate newspapers from December 1979 to October 1981.


From Book Jacket
STAR TREK COMIC BOOKS HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED ALMOST CONTINUALLY SINCE 1967. Astoundingly, the long-running newspaper comic strip has been largely overlooked by even the most devout fans.
In 1979 Paramount commissioned the comic strip — featuring the talents of Thomas Warkentin, Ron Harris, Sharman DiVono, Larry Niven, and others — to pick up where the the first film,
Star Trek: The Motion Picture, left off and relate the adventures of the next five-year mission.
The series, although it continued until 1983, had very limited distribution and soon faded into obscurity. What's more, the strip has eluded comprehensive reprinting efforts... until now. Thanks to thorough research by a handful of dedicated
Star Trek collectors, the strips have been rescued from yesterday's fading newsprint and restored for this first of two-volume set that collects the entire run of the rare newspaper comics.

Story arcs


Called Home

Dilithium Dilemma The Real McCoy Double Bluff Aberration on Abaris Husian Gambit Heads of State It's a Living The Savage Within Quarantine
Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Writer(s) Thomas Warkentin Thomas Warkentin, Tom Durkin Thomas Warkentin Thomas Warkentin, Tom Durkin Thomas Warkentin, Peter Jacoby Thomas Warkentin Sharman DiVono
Artist(s) Thomas Warkentin Ron Harris
Published 12/2/1979-1/12/1980 1/13/1980-3/8/1980 3/9/1980-5/3/1980 5/4/1980-6/28/1980 6/29/1980-9/6/1980 9/7/1980-1/17/1981 1/18/1981-3/21/1981 3/22/1981-4/25/1981 4/26/1981-7/21/1981 7/22/1981-10/25/1981



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