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Logo of The Official Fan Club Magazine.

The Official Fan Club Magazine was a licensed Star Trek magazine published by FANtastic Media from 1979 to 1994.

History and format

Founder Dan Madsen launched the publication in 1979 as a fanzine for an unofficial fan club, with Paramount Pictures licensing both the club and magazine in 1982. It sported various titles, including Star Trek II: The Movie Fan Club, Star Trek III: The Official Fan Club Magazine from #42-45, and finally settling on Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine with #46 in July/August 1985. A redesign with a TNG-style logo debuted in #58 in October/November 1987, with a revamp in #95 in February/March 1994. Paramount's logo began appearing on the cover with #62 in June/July 1988.

Frequent contributors included Mark A. Altman, Richard Arnold, Bjo Trimble, Rick Berman and Michael Piller. William Shatner provided regular status updates during the production of TOS movie: The Final Frontier.

In December 1994/January 1995, with its 100th issue, it was rebranded Star Trek: Communicator, which continued for ten more years.


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Number Published Notable features Cover
59 December 1987/January 1988 TOFC59.jpg
60 February/March 1988 TOFC60.jpg
61 April/May 1988 TOFC61.jpg
62 June/July 1988 TOFC62.jpg
63 August/September 1988 TOFC63.jpg
64 October/November 1988 TOFC64.jpg
65 December 1988/January 1989 TOFC65.jpg
66 February/March 1989 TOFC66.jpg
67 April/May 1989 TOFC67.jpg
68 June/July 1989 TOFC68.jpg
69 August/September 1989 TOFC69.jpg
70 October/November 1989 TOFC70.jpg
71 December 1989/January 1990 TOFC71.jpg
72 February/March 1990 TOFC72.jpg
73 April/May 1990 TOFC73.jpg
74 June/July 1990 TOFC74.jpg
75 August/September 1990 TOFC75.jpg
76 October/November 1990 TOFC76.jpg
77 December 1980/January 1991 TOFC77.jpg
78 February/March 1991 TOFC78.jpg
79 April/May 1991 TOFC79.jpg
80 June/July 1991 TOFC80.jpg
81 August/September 1991 TOFC81.jpg
82 October/November 1991 TOFC82.jpg
83 December 1991/January 1992 TOFC83.jpg
84 March/April 1992 TOFC84.jpg
85 May/June 1992 TOFC85.jpg
86 July/August 1992 TOFC86.jpg
87 September/October 1992
88 November/December 1992 TOFC88.jpg
89 January/February 1993 TOFC89.jpg
90 March/April 1993 TOFC90.jpg
91 May/June 1993 TOFC91.jpg
92 July/August 1993 TOFC92.jpg
93 September/October 1993 TOFC93.jpg
94 November/December 1993 TOFC94.jpg
95 February/March 1994 TOFC95.jpg
96 April/May 1994 TOFC96.jpg
97 June/July 1994 TOFC97.jpg
98 August/September 1994 TOFC98.jpg
99 October/November 1994 TOFC99.jpg




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