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Alien Spotlight: "Andorians" (later titled "The Old Ways") was a Star Trek comic, the third installment of the Alien Spotlight series released in 2007.


In the vast Star Trek universe, many diverse alien races abound, and now they finally get their due! Continuing a series of one-shots, each by a different creative team and featuring a different Star Trek alien race. Now, the spotlight shines on the Andorians. In this issue written by Paul Storrie, Andorian Ortees Sharad, a commander in Starfleet Intelligence, returns to his homeworld while on leave and finds himself in the midst of mistrust and deception, and is captured by a renegade commander of the "True Heirs of Andor."



KovanShaaOrtees SharadShrallaThraThrynnToraTrajunDeanna Troi
Referenced only
K'StranJean-Luc PicardTahryn

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise-D


Referenced only
Deep Space 9Gamma QuadrantGamma Quadrant wormholeTriangulum system

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

Andorian EmpireAndorian Imperial GuardDominionFederation StarfleetMaquisOld WaysStarfleet IntelligenceUnited Federation of PlanetsTrue Heirs of Andor

Other references

Chancellor of the Andorian EmpireFadeGuardsmanholodeckice boremarriagepink skinredbatTuberushaanUshaan-tor



  • Issues in the Alien Spotlight series are not marked with a number, however this was the third issue of the series to be published.
  • The issue was released in four covers - Two of equally wide availability; one by Zach Howard and the other by Leonard O'Grady. And another two of more limited availability; a sketch version of Zach Howard's cover and a photo cover.


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