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===Starships and vehicles===
===Starships and vehicles===
{{USS|Bellerophon|NCC-74705}} | {{USS|Defiant|NX-74205}} | {{USS|Enterprise|NCC-1701-E}}-E | {{USS|Lakota|NCC-42768}} | {{USS|Odyssey}} | {{USS|Samson|Miranda class}}
{{USS|Bellerophon|NCC-74705}} | {{USS|Defiant|NX-74205) (I}} | {{USS|Enterprise|NCC-1701-E}}-E | {{USS|Lakota|NCC-42768}} | {{USS|Odyssey}} | {{USS|Samson|Miranda class}}
[[type-6 shuttlecraft]] | [[type-9 shuttlecraft]]
[[type-6 shuttlecraft]] | [[type-9 shuttlecraft]]

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Introduction (blurb)

A new six-part epic covering the first year of service of the USS Enterprise-E, leading up to the events of the hit movie Star Trek: First Contact.

The Enterprise is assigned to ferry demolition experts from Deep Space 9 to Starbase 375, but just as they arrive, Admiral Leyton declares martial law on Earth and the Federation is put in a state of emergency. On the Starbase, Admiral Hahn has gone missing, and there are several unexplained events -- and one of the demolitions experts, Lieutenant Daniels, isn't convinced that it's necessarily Dominion treachery.

Picard and the Enterprise crew must learn the truth -- about what happened to Admiral Hahn and about the truth beyond the martial law declaration -- before the Enterprise herself becomes the next casualty...

A new eBook from the author of Blackout and Signs from Heaven!




Beverly Crusher | Padraig Daniels | Data | Kira Nerys | Geordi La Forge | Miles O'Brien | Alyssa Ogawa | Jean-Luc Picard | Quark | Will Riker | Benjamin Sisko | Deanna Troi


Jonas Abidah | Reginald Barclay | Erika Benteen | Adriana Berardi | Siobhan Bryn | Eric Hahn | Sean Hawk | Althea Huff | Timothy Lynch | Enrique Muñiz | Niles | Bael Nomine | Paul Porter | Ryerson | Ishmael Snowden | Spot | t'Saiga | Fabian Stevens | Travec chim Var

Referenced only

Linda Addison | Ardra | Arriaga | Jadzia Dax | G'sive Dee | Jonathan DeNoux | Crystal Hahn | Jaresh-Inyo | Kao | James Leyton | Odo | Muriel Paquinn | Estro Rama | William Ross | S'vaish | Sahvisha | Jake Sisko | Joseph Sisko | Torsten Uzzle | Worf | Mun Ying


Starships and vehicles

USS Bellerophon | USS Defiant | USS Enterprise-E | USS Lakota | USS Odyssey | USS Samson

type-6 shuttlecraft | type-9 shuttlecraft


Antwerp | Canopus Planet | Deep Space 9 | Geneva | Kaga's Klingon restaurant | Lisboa | Quark's | Rigel III | San Francisco | Starbase 51 | Starbase 375

Races and cultures


States and organisations

Daystrom Institute | Division of Planetary Operations | Dominion | Red Squad


balta | bericol | "Cerulean Sunset" | jik | mulda'din berry | nitrilin | Romulan ale | "Spot's Repose" | tynoxillan | vloek


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