The Origin of People was a work written by the ancient historian Nowat, who lived some time before the Atom War of 12,237 BCE (reference stardate −142/3709.12). It discussed the origins of the Orion race.

For research, Nowat had apparently had access to manuscripts, later lost to future generations, that discussed the possibility that Orions were not native to Botchok (Rigel VIII) and had been planted there by aliens. These aliens were later theorized to be the Preservers. Corroborating this was difficult, as the clues were old and unreliable, and the era also included myth and legend about the Orion gods and millennia of tumultuous history erased nearly all evidence of Orion pre-history.

The Origin of People was similarly lost to the ages. It survived only in the form of references in other ancient books, on which only old copies survived into the 23rd century. (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Deep Knowledge)

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