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The Orions: Book of Deep Knowledge was a role-playing game supplement released by FASA, as part of their Star Trek: The Role Playing Game series. This module was a component of a two-book set that also included The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge.



Lady Katam
Referenced only
AgachiArnet the ThoughtfulBalon the DeviousBrazeauGarggash DlumpphegTamos Draman the Half-SightedGundinKlendal Hanok the LiberatorJulin Hyrax the BraveRefner Gyron the SlyKentin epetai-KazuKecho Lifaq the ShrewdArthas Liktor the BoldDufen MaadsHarry MuddNamtac the TardySomchuk Nhat the Far-SightedNowatTalduk SikHalf-a-Man SoorisMuark TanKathleen Wenzel



Argelius IIAlphosaBemaFarxFreeloaderHarthaH'lassRigel IIIRigel IVRigel VIIRigel VIII (Botchok) • Sharu
Referenced only

Planetary locations

Referenced only

Stars and systems

BartunuRigel system (Rigel ARigel BRigel C)


Klingon Neutral ZoneOrion ArmOrion Neutrality AreaThe Triangle


Orion families
Orion corporations
The Star Group
Orion organizations
GradualistsMilitaristsOrion AllianceBotchok Planetary CongressOrion Colonies IntelligenceOrion Space Navy
Federation organizations
Rigel Demilitarized Zone Commission
Eighth FleetFederation Starfleet
Rigel Trade Authority

Races and cultures

GlathKlingonMastersOrion (Grey OrionGreen OrionmuniOrion (halfbreed)Ruddy Orion) • OrganianPreserverRigellianRomulanShourTellariteTerran
Referenced only


Klingon EmpireOrion ColoniesOrion EmpireOrion Frontier Mercantile AssociationRomulan Star EmpireUnited Federation of Planets

Starships and vehicles

LarcSpacelane SpecterUSS Atmos

Starship classes


Other references

Atom WarBema revoltclurosCodex OrionDeclaration of NallinDispossessionEra of Good FeelingEra of LawbringingfesinfreeportFringe WarsguldinLaxala IncidentNamazz AccordNew DaysNight of Empty HandsOrion DawnOrion familyOrion historyOrion Indian SummerOrion languageOrion Neutrality ActOrion piracyOrion RegistryOrion slave girlOrion slaveryOrion WarParallelogram AffairReverserhadamanSacred Cargoes acttabaditahedriThe Origin of PeopleTrade HallTreaty of KammzdastYear of Horror

Other references

archaeologyarthritisArticles of FederationasthmaBabel Incidentboard of directorsblindnesscalculatorchairmanchief executive officercolor blindnesscystic fibrosisdeafnessdepressiondilithiumdwarfismepilepsyfarsightnessFederation Uniform Mercantile CodeFour Years WargigantismheliumhydrocephaloushydrogenkuveMagistratemanic depressionmyasthenia gravisnarcolepsynearsightnessneurofibromatosisOrganian Peace TreatyossificationosteoporosispalsyPrime Directivespasticitytinnitus
Referenced only
baseballGalactaKlingonaaseklin zha goPrime DirectiveSDN cartridgetribbleVenus drug



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