Greetings, old comrade!

I trust that this message finds you well, and that your career is going smoothly. It has been a long time since we were in contact, and so it is difficult for me to presume by asking for a favor. What I ask I cannot explain, but much depends on this.

You will be contacted by a Vulcan named Salak, who is on a mission of utmost secrecy dealing with a renegade Romulan. I urge you and a few of your best fellow officers to aid him with his mission, though you will have no official Star Fleet sanction.

Do not attempt to contact me. I cannot respond, and would be forced to deny all.

For whatever it is worth, I wish you all the luck that humans seem to put so much faith in.




Clev DavraJasper DeLeonKaylo DelfiToora DelfiGlmphVolo KladlCevlak LobanDabal LobanDabri LobanSanlaSonamSophikT'Lovus/SlaghT'Slak/SalakJaclan Uvane
Referenced only 
Toovi Delfi

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Terri Bear (Mission-class)
Referenced only 
Galfan's Pride


Bonus RunLevitt's WorldRahli VStarbase 7The Triangle

States and organizationsEdit

Delfi CorporationLoban Trade AdvisorsRomulan Star EmpireStarfleet

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commodoregrand senator

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Antarean glow waterk'manatramN'levanPlenda Essence
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