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Part OneEdit

The Thevosians are experimenting with a weapon of unbelievable destructive power based on Protomatter, the substance which caused the death of Captain Kirk's son David. And Kirk of all people gets the assignment to monitor the field test. His worst fears become true, when the testbed USS Pacific disappears in an explosion with Scotty and Chekov...

Log Entries Edit

  • Captain's log, stardate 8637.7:
    Despite the wounding of Lieutenant Keefer and killing of two other security guards by unknown intruders, Admiral Cartwright has accepted Commodore Hirosaki's recommendation that the field test should proceed-- over my strongest objections...
    A full diagnostic on the protomatter system has revealed no anomalies or damage...
    ...But,to minimize risk, the only crew aboard the
    Pacific will be Commanders Chekov and Scott, and four Thevosian scientists.

Part Two Edit

Log EntriesEdit

  • Captain's log, supplemental:
    Two hours have passed since the destruction of the Pacific... And we still have no explanation for the accident or the intense and persistent radiation forcing us to remain clear of the site.
  • Science officer's log, stardate 8639.2:
    Sensors indicate a twelve percent decrease in radiation intensity. Per captain's orders we are launching survey probes.
  • Captain's log, supplemental:
    With Starfleet extradition procedures waived, I have remanded the Aegis rebels to Gary Seven's custody, and they've been sent home for trial.
    As for the Aegis itself... Their unpredictable intervention activities make me... Uneasy. However, there's not much we can do to stop them.
    Our philosophical differences remain... Unresolved.



James T. KirkSpockLeonard McCoyNyota UhuraPavel ChekovMontgomery ScottLance CartwrightGracie HirosakiSaavikKeeferAzarkGary SevenShopayEvadKoobIsisOpaiTorali
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David MarcusVaal

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USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A)USS PacificK't'inga classStormbird class


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Capella IVRelius IVGamma Trianguli VI

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United Federation of PlanetsAegisStarfleet CommandStarfleet

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Swiss Army knife



The German title is "Auftrag: Zukunft", which means "Assignment: Future".


"It may be completely new, Jim... but you aren't perfect"

--Leonard McCoy to James T. Kirk (translated from the german version)

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