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The Persistence of Memory is a Star Trek: The Next Generation novel by David Mack published by Pocket Books in 2012. It is the eighth novel in the post-Nemesis TNG Continuity, published under the banner of The Next Generation and centers around the Enterprise trying to find stolen Soong-type androids.

Publisher's description

From the back cover
The start of a new trilogy by the national bestselling author of Star Trek: Destiny!
A BRAZEN HEIST: Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the USS Enterprise crew race to find out who has stolen one of the Galaxy's most important technological achievement–and for what sinister purpose.
A BROKEN PROMISE: One desperate man risks everything for what he abandoned decades ago – but is he ready to pay the price for redemption?
A DARING MISSION: Against overwhelming odds, and with time running out, Commander Worf has only one chance to avert a disaster – but how high a price will he pay for victory?


Geordi is contacted by Bruce Maddox, who needs his help: B-4 is on the verge of a cascade failure and the only way to save him is to remove Data's memories. Before anything can be done, however, someone breaks into Maddox's lab and removes all the Soong-type androids, including B-4.

The Enterprise takes charge of the investigation. A search of the planet's surface comes across a mysterious man who resembles the androids but he manages to evade the security teams. Picard decides to lift the blockade on the planet and sees a ship rendezvous with a cloaked Breen vessel and transfer the androids over.

The Enterprise follows a mysterious ship to the Breen's destination in a largely deserted system. Worf leads a covert team down to the planet, where they meet up with the mysterious man and the pilot of the ship: Noonien Soong, who transferred his consciousness into an android body after his apparent death and stumbled across the Breen while trying to save B-4 himself.

Soong joins the away team in investigating the Breen base, which turns out to be a factory they took possession of which was constructed by Lore to manufacture Soong-type androids to which he could transfer the minds of the Borg he was allied with. Soong and La Forge are captured but Soong bargains for their lives by offering to activate the androids, which the Breen intend to use as non-sentient slaves. Worf and Choudhury are also captured and, when Worf instructs Soong to stop his co-operation, the Breen commander kills Choudhury to force him to continue.

The Enterprise receives a message left by Worf on a time delay, informing them of the situation and advising they destroy the factory. Soong activates the androids but programmes them to attack the Breen, then transfers Data's memories from B-4 into his own body, effectively allowing Data's personality to overwrite his own while leaving his memories intact. The group manage to escape in Soong's ship, the Archeus, and rendezvous with the Enterprise after it has destroyed the facility (although not before the Breen take several inactive androids off the planet).

Data turns down Picard's offer to reactivate his Starfleet commission, instead telling Geordi that Soong discovered that Emil Vaslovik reactivated Juliana Tainer after her apparent death. Data intends to track him down and learn the secret in order to revive Lal.

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Enterprise-E personnel

B-4Austin BraddockT'Ryssa ChenJasminder ChoudhuryBeverly CrusherKirsten CruzenDataPeter DavilaRavel DyganJoanna FaurRandolph GiudiceTamala HarstadGeordi La ForgeMlawrJean-Luc PicardRene Jacques Robert Francois PicardAneta ŠmrhováSpotWorfVelex
Referenced only
Dina ElfikiJordanTaurik

Starfleet personnel

Bruce MaddoxAlynna NechayevTeg
Referenced only
AndellReginald BarclayJadzia DaxAnthony HaftelJames T. KirkWilliam T. RikerBenjamin SiskoDeanna TroiTasha YarLewis Zimmerman




David AuerbachElochFlint (aka AhkarinAlexander the GreatMicah BrackJohannes BrahmsLeonardo da VinciLazarusMerlinSolomonEmil Vaslovik) • KinettKobbLalLarynMolobPrakShaktiNoonien SoongSyrinnaJuliana TainerKatja TanganoT'NalTyrosXifal
Referenced only
Pancho BarnesBlessed ExchequerCroesusFortuneIra GravesGrim ReaperJack the RipperK'EhleyrKoschei the DeathlessLokosLoreMangalaRhea McAdamsMichelangeloOneirosWilliam ShakespeareShinzonTolian SoranIgor StravinskyPran TainerVenkKim VolonakisMin Zife


Alpha QuadrantBeta QuadrantFGC-38919Galor systemMilky Way Galaxy
Referenced only
Azure NebulaGamma QuadrantOmega systemPaulson NebulaRomulan Neutral ZoneTaurus Dark Cloud

Planets and places

Alpha Centauri IVAtrea IV (Kessatol Medical CenterMainzeros) • Galor IV (New GlasgowTalburgh) • Hanolan colonyMangalaNew EdenOrion (Imperial Star Resort) • Pacifica (Crown StarRoyal Pacifican Suites) • Terlina IIITessen IIIYutani IIIa
Referenced only
Antos IVAscellaBeltane IXBeneciaBolarus IXCamus IICebelraiDeneva (Summer Islands) • Epsilon Canaris IIIDraken IVEarth (MesopotamiaSan FranciscoSardiniaStarfleet Headquarters) • EvoraExo IIIFellebia (Nokolu) • FerenginarGalvan VIHolberg 917GKenda IIKostolainMars (Utopia Planitia) • Marvala IVMegaraNusakanOmicron ThetaPentharaRisaRhaandarRonaraSoukaraSyrmaTezwaVeridian IIIVulcanZibal

Starships and vehicles

ArcheusBorg cubeBreen warshipUSS Cumberland (runabout) • USS Enterprise (Sovereign-class) • Gwiazda (Breen cruiser) • Mlotek (Breen cruiser) • Obranca (Breen cruiser) • USS Roanoke (runabout) • SS Velatida (Manta-class) • Zemsta (Breen cruiser)
Referenced only
bird-of-preyUSS da Vinci (Saber-class) • USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Enterprise (Galaxy-class) • Jem'Hadar warshipUSS Orion (Steamrunner-class) • USS Pegasus (Oberth-class) • ScimitarUSS Titan (Luna-class) • USS Trieste (Merced-class) • USS Tripoli (Hokule'a-class)

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

Ad Astra Finance CorporationBank of BolarusBreen ConfederacyBrock-CepakCardassian UnionCeres Finance GroupCygnus Capital Group LLCDaystrom InstituteDaystrom UniversityDominionFederation Department of the InteriorFederation Judiciary CouncilFederation News ServiceFederation Security CouncilFellowship of Artificial IntelligencesFerengi Central ReserveInterstellar Commerce CommissionKlingon EmpireNalori CommandosNalori RepublicOrion ColoniesOrion DepositoryOrion SyndicatePrak-Tikal Games IncorporatedRomulan Star EmpireSoong Partners Holding CorporationSpetzkarStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet MedicalStarfleet Research and DevelopmentTyphon PactUnited Federation of PlanetsVulcan Science Academy

Science and technology

annular confinement beamartificial intelligencebio-neural gel packcloaking deviceemotion chipexocompfusion reactorGenesis Devicegravitic calipersholotronic brainhoming beaconion cannonisolation suitlasernanitenanite spy-flyneural netneural truncheonphasing cloakplasma torchphase discriminatorphase shiftingphaserphaser riflepositronic brainrepulsor beamretinal scannershroudsynaptic scannertransportertricorderVISOR

Other references

Borg Invasion of 2381Capellan SnarechronometerThe Creation of AdamCrystalline EntityDNADominion WarThe FirebirdgrassHappy Bottom Riding ClubLorcan wisdom maskmonkeyperiscopeRocky Raccoonrunning lightshapeshiftersickbayStarfleet uniformTrojan horseVedic

Food and drink

BordeauxcilantrocoffeeEarl Greyfilet mignonjambalayaKaferian lemonKytherian crabmiso souppickled seaweedplomeek soupprune juiceraktajinoSangioveseSlug-o-Colatube grub

Elements and substances



Background information

  • The German translation of the novel was released by Cross Cult in 2015. It was translated by Wibke Sawatzki.
  • Breen cruisers' names appearing in the novel come from the Polish (Gwiazda, Młotek, Zemsta) and the Slovak languages (Obranca) and mean respectively Star, Hammer, Vengeance and Defender.
  • Also, the Breen names are taken from various European languages (Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish, Polish) - for example Pazur and Żądło, which in the Polish language mean Claw and Sting respectively.

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The first and third part of this novel is set in January of 2384. It begins four years and two months after the final TNG movie: Nemesis.

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