The Enterprise crew face a plague of spreading madness.The Prometheus Design was a Star Trek: The Original Series novel written by Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath. This book was the 5th Star Trek novel in the numbered series from Pocket Books.

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Captain Kirk and his crew are on a mission to investigate the mysterious wave of violence that has overtaken the Helvans — revolutions, mass riots, horrible tortures. But this chaos is all part of an experiment by an unimaginable power that soon grips even the crew of the Enterprise
Captain Kirk is plagued by violent hallucinations and removed from command. Spock takes charge but his orders seem irrational — even cruel.
Unless the terrible power can be stopped, not only the Enterprise, but an entire galaxy will be ensnared in the deadly grip of...
The Prometheus Design.

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Characters[edit | edit source]

BelenChristine ChapelPavel ChekovDobiusFlaemKalindaJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyHeihachiro NoguraJanice RandSavajMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluTrathTrianNyota Uhura
Referenced only 
BalokWillard DeckerDeelaAmanda GraysonGreenGenghis KhanKorobNijinskiOmneLouis PasteurPrometheusSarekSargonStonnSylviaT'PauT'VreelV'Ger

Starships and vehicles[edit | edit source]

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • Galileo IIIV'kreeth
Referenced only 
USS Intrepid (Constitution-class)

Locations[edit | edit source]

Referenced only 
EarthGideonIowaKar-leeMountains of GolVulcan

Races and cultures[edit | edit source]

Referenced only 

States and organizations[edit | edit source]

First FederationKlingon EmpireStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

Science and classification[edit | edit source]

alienalpha hypnosisanimalbrainstripchronometerfalathairhypnoscanidenti-loc readingmind-siftermonoxidemuscleneopentothalpantographphysicsradiationRichter Scale of Cultural Developmenttricorderturbolift

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aggression syndromeALLasumiburdenbeastcarpetcrystalcorbomiteDesignersdiamonddikironium cloud creaturedouble-blindExperimentorsFirst-Amonggrasshealing modeIronpantsk'asumika-ve-fekolinahrk'vathlaboratoryle-matyamushroomnyetPrometheus faultQueen handicaprecreation deckRule of SevenSaurian brandysleeping bagsnarthStudierssweetcornthorn-bomat'hy'lat'hyvajT'Varethtyrannosaurus rextzalelUFOv'asumiyear

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