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"The Rebound Effect" is a Waypoint comic set in the The Original Series. It is the first story in Waypoint, Issue 6, published in July 2017 by IDW Publishing in honor of Star Trek's 50th anniversary. This story focuses on Nurse Christine Chapel.

Publisher's description

Nurse Chapel questions whether or not to continue her medical training until a shuttle incident prompts her to make decisions that will forever change her future.


Christine Chapel participated in a three-day medical conference at a K-class spacedock, where she attended Doctor Traff's lecture on nanoparticle research. Afterward, Traff personally thanked USS Enterprise Crewman Skov for his role in upcoming peace talks between their two warring reptilian species. Skov and two others then left with Chapel aboard the Galileo. Shortly after launch, Skov collapsed onto the controls, nosediving the shuttle toward a planet. Chapel managed to crash land, send an SOS, and start treating injuries before indigenous creatures attacked, then struggled to keep them at bay until they could all be rescued by the Enterprise.

Stardate 2942.1. Nurse's Medical Log:
The Enterprise has reached the rendezvous site in the Varanu system in time to host armistice treaty negotiations between two warring factions.
I would have hated to be the reason we didn't get here in time...

While the shuttle's crew were being treated in sickbay, the Enterprise prepared a conference room for Skov's and Traff's races. Skov seemed healthy and left to attend the meeting. Suspicious of his quick recovery, Chapel asked Leonard McCoy to scan her for foreign agents, locating nanoparticles in her bloodstream. Chapel recalled the technology from the medical conference and realized Skov had been infected with a viral agent to sabotage the conference.

By the time they got to the room, most of the participants were found unconscious, and Skov was dead.

Stardate 2943.6. Medical log:
Fortunately, I took excellent notes during Dr. Traff's talk.
This allowed us to reverse-engineer an antidote via the same pathway that had introduced the infectious agent.
The initial sickness had been an immune response. The real danger came later, as Traff had planned, when the virus replicated enough to interrupt a three-chambered heart. He will pay dearly for what he did.
Speaking of hearts, I can't help thinking mine belongs right here, light years from civilization
Where I can treat a scraped knee, protect a wounded comrade, and thwart an attack on a peace treaty...
All in one day.



Christine ChapelEpJames T. KirkLeonard McCoySkovSpockTraffT'Wek

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • Galileo (class F shuttlecraft)


K-class spacedockunnamed planetVaranu system (Varanu planet)

Races and cultures

HumanSkov's speciesTraff's speciesVulcan

States and organizations


Science and classification

biofilterdiagnostic bedflarelaboratorymedscannernanoparticlephaserscannertransportertricorderweapon

Ranks and titles


Other references

antidotearmisticeassignment patchatmospherebloodcivilizationconferenceconference roomdaydiplomacydistress callFederation Starfleet ranks (2260s)heartlight yearlog entrymedicalmedical log, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)minutepeaceraces and culturesrankreptilerocksickbaySOSspacespeciesStarfleet ranksStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2265-2270)treatyviruswar





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