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Investigating the disappearance of a secret Romulan fleet, the U.S.S. Titan, commanded by Captain William Riker, is unexpectedly propelled more than 200,000 light-years into the Small Magellanic Cloud. One of the Milky Way's satellite galaxies, the Cloud is also home to the Neyel, the long-sundered offshoots of Terran humanity, with whom the Federation has had no contact in over eighty years.

Nearby, Riker's uncertain ally, Commander Donatra of the Romulan Warbird Valdore, rescues a young Neyel, the survivor of a mysterious cosmic upheaval that seems at times to be both unraveling and reweaving the very fabric of space... the fulfillment of an apocalyptic vision that has already claimed millions of lives. Titan's science team soon finds evidence that the ravaging of Neyel space is the work of a vast and powerful intelligence: the stirrings of a dormant consciousness that is maintaining the existence of the Small Magellanic Cloud -- and all life within it -- from one moment to the next. And if it should awaken, the consequences are unimaginable.

As Riker considers his options, his new crew struggles with the scientific and philosophical implications of what they've discovered... while the young Neyel in their midst forges a bond with the captain, conjuring old ghosts Riker has yet to lay to rest.

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Leonard James AkaarAxel BolajiOlivia BolajiTotyarguil BolajiBralikZurin DakalFeren DenkenDonatraFasarylFraneg'IsheaHaajHarnJaza NajemK'chak'!'opKekilKershuRanul KeruAili LavenaLofiOrilly MalarMekrikukKenneth NorellisNozomiAlyssa OgawaOnntaMelora PazlarSe'al Cethente QasXin Ra-HavreiiShenti Yisec Eres ReeWilliam T. RikerHuilan Sen'karaT'LirinDeanna TroiTuvokChristine ValeVenora
Referenced only
Jonathan ArcherAsilKarl BroadnaxChristine ChapelZefram CochraneEliethFlenrolKosst AmojanNidani LedrahLojurJean-Luc PicardSekShinzonHikaru SuluT'PelVarithNatasha Yar


Bassen RiftBeta quadrantGreat BloomMilky Way GalaxyNewaerthOghenRiftmouthSmall Magellanic Cloud
Referenced only
Bajoran wormhole/Celestial TempleDeep Space 9Delta QuadrantEarthEmpok NorFarius PrimeGamma QuadrantL-5 ColoniesShinzon's FollySol systemTiburonUtopia Planitia Fleet YardsValdezVikr'l PrisonVulcan's Forge

Starships and vehicles

USS AegripposAuraciemIKS Dugh (Vor'cha-class) • IRW Ra'khoiUSS Titan (Luna-class) • IRW Valdore (Mogai-class) • USS Wyoming
Referenced only
USS Enterprise-EUSS ExcelsiorUSS HathawayUSS LakotaIRW S'harienUSS StargazerUSS VoyagerUSS Zapata

Races and cultures

ArkeniteBajoranBetazoidCapellanCardassianEdosianEfrosianElaysianFerengiHumanIrriolMatalinianNeyelOghenPahkwa-thanhPak'shreeRemanRigelian ChelonRomulanSkorrS'ti'achSturrSyrathTellariteTrillVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

Hegemony NavyLfei-sor-ParicNeyel HegemonyRomulan Star EmpireSeekers After PenanceStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
DominionFerengi Commerce AuthorityStarfleet AcademyTen Tribes of CapellaTerra PrimeTholian Assembly

Other references

A'kwethDevil Warsdierhudiplomatic officerDrech'torEarth-Romulan WareiihueisaeEugenics Warsgenetic engineeringgoquilavholodeckImzadiKlingon-Reman Protectoratek'vahruRed KingrokhelhsehlatSleepersubalternteertricorderverakuw'lash'nogotWorld War III


  • Suran makes a reference to Karatek: "[...] so why in the name of Karatek's bones [...]"



  • Title: Der Rote König
  • Publisher: Cross Cult
  • ISBN: 978-3-941248-02-1
  • Translator: Stephanie Pannen
  • Published: February 2008

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  • TTN novel: Taking Wing: First mission of the USS Titan and introduction to the ships crew as well as the Reman independence.
  • TLE novel: The Sundered: First appearance by the Neyel and reference to the previous war against the Tholians as well as the Federation diplomat left behind in the Small Magellanic Cloud.



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