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For other uses, see The Romulan Way.

The Romulan Way: Game Operations Manual is a FASA RPG sourcebook that was part of The Romulans rules set.



TevusJames T. KirkL'DeusL'TokusSaavikS'TanetVaonus

Starships and vehicles


Starship classes

Alvas'Hatham classGraceful Flyer-classStormbird-classVas Hatham-classWinged Defender-class

Small craft

Cav'sanalam classPratorum classVas'teelis class


Planets and planetoids

CorillD'cl'vangramDelta Khinah IID'hannamD'LanamD'ravasaszGorwahHannrilethKalabestaszMandukamPerhoniesRav'sRom'laszSelta AvastamS'LatasS'Tanet (moon)UlunamVilliam III

Planetary locations


Stars and systems

Stelam Rom'lnzThe Triangle

Space stations, starbases and shipyards

D'Raxna stationNarvasam classVas'calanam class

Races and cultures

Referenced only
CorillianGornGorwah (species)Great BrothersHumanKlingonPreserver (race)Vulcan

States and organizations

Gorn AllianceImperial Senate of the Romulan Star EmpireKlingon EmpireRomulan ConfederationRomulan Imperial NavyRomulan Star EmpireStellar Kingdom of CorillUnited Federation of PlanetsUnseen OnesVulcan Science Council


cloaking devicedisruptorplasma bolt weapon

Other references

Age of DiscoveryBuffer TreatycenturionD'annaD'hannamD'lattaD'navassaD'soraD'tallaFirst Klingon-Romulan TreatyFirst Romulan-Klingon WarThe Great CometLattaPhi'bresalsamPhi'deltasamPhi'lasasamPhi'navtasampraetorRanam ValassaSecond Conference of PortoraSecond Klingon-Romulan TreatysecundamShining StarThird Klingon-Romulan Treatytrinam



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