Gul Taqut arrives on Betazed and leads his son to the Sacred Chalice, a brothel run by Lwaxana Troi that also serves as the last refuge of the Betazoid race. Lwaxana has her daughter, Deanna Troi, escort the gul's son to the Room of Rixx and then Deanna interviews Jean-Luc Picard for a musician's job at the Chalice. Deanna starts to feel emotions from Picard, something she had never done before, and hires him despite her mother's objections.

Eventually, Deanna follows Picard as he accesses the Chalice's communications system and learns that her sister Kestra is aboard Picard's runabout in orbit of the planet. The two talk and Deanna learns that her mother had installed a neural suppressor in her brain as a child and that Picard had a device that could temporarily deactivate it. Later, when Lursa and B'Etor arrive, Deanna determines that Picard was there to kill them and is about to say something but Picard accidentally activates the device that lifts the neural suppressor as the sisters reveal they had killed Kestra. Deanna then flies into a fit of rage and kills the sisters as well as her mother. Deanna then flees the planet alongside Picard.



B'EtorLursaJean-Luc PicardTaqutAndrul TaqutLwaxana TroiDeanna TroiKestra Troi
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MadredIan Andrew Troi

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BetazedRoom of RixxSacred Chalice
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House of DurasKlingon-Cardassian AllianceTerran Rebellion
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Terran Empire

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class Mfluteneural suppressorNoran Tukpianowater


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