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T'Pring departs her home on Vulcan on a shuttlecraft bound for Veridian III. While travelling, she considers her choice to marry Stonn over Spock. T'Pring admits to herself that her decision was about being in control of the marriage, which she felt she could not have done if she were married to someone as famous as Spock. She questions what could have happened if she had married Spock.

Upon arriving at Veridian III, T'Pring tracks a Romulan shuttle approaching the planet and awaits its arrival. Once the shuttle arrived in orbit and its passenger beamed down, T'Pring also beamed down to the surface.

Once on the surface, T'Pring discovered Spock standing over the grave of James T. Kirk. T'Pring apologized for interrupting Spock while he was grieving, but Spock said it was not a problem and he would speak with her. T'Pring then questioned Spock about his motives regarding reunification and she returned a brooch that Spock's mother had given her before their aborted marriage. T'Pring then left the planet on her shuttlecraft and shed tears over her decision to marry Stonn instead of Spock.



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Amanda GraysonJames T. KirkSarekStonnSurakSybokV'Ger

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USS Enterprise


Veridian IIIVulcan
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Daystrom InstituteStarfleetUnification movementVulcan Science Academy

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cloaking devicetransporter

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kolinahrKoon-ut-kal-if-feeTholian lace


Spock is due to marry T'Pring, but she rejects him in favor of Stonn
Spock travels to Romulus to take part in the Unification movement
James T. Kirk emerges from the Nexus and subsequently dies on Veridian III
T'Pring finds Spock on Veridian III paying his final respects to James Kirk and briefly discusses Spock's intentions with respect to Reunification


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