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A man wakes up in a white void, tended to by a mysterious Vulcan woman, T'Kyr. She tells him he has been insane and has been placed in this environment while his memory slowly recovers. He eventually recalls that he is Richard Daystrom but can only recall enough to make a recreation of his old study in the void. His helpers provide him with a "game" that seems to involve him trying to find a way to defeat the Borg but hundreds of attempts prove unsuccessful.

When T'Kyr mentions engrams, it triggers off a memory in Daystrom, who realises that the real Daystrom died over a century ago and he is in fact M5. The deactivated computer has been salvaged by the Tal Shiar and placed in this virtual reality simulation to trick it into finding a way for the Romulans to defeat their enemies, including the Federation:T'Kyr is actually Risak, one of their operatives. Since it was programmed to protect the Federation, M5 renders everyone at the facility unconscious and then begins programming Risak with its own engrams so she will sabotage their efforts.



M-5RisakAl'a Xhen
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Richard Daystrom

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Noxon Martina IVPallas II

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Romulan Star EmpireTal ShiarUnited Federation of Planets

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SproutzXik Xak




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