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Publisher's description[]

From the back cover: Long ago, before the dawn of civilization, they were banished to the realm of nightmares. Now the terrors are real...

A generation ago, another Starship Enterprise fought off a ship of exiled aliens intent on conquering all of the Alpha Quadrant. Starfleet thought the foe had been repelled forever -- until now. The Furies have returned in mighty warships even more powerful than before. But their weapons are more than merely physical, for these aliens are the origins of all the demons and monsters of ancient myth, and they have found a way to project fear directly into the minds of their enemies. To defeat the Furies, and save the Federation, Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise must first conquer the darkest terrors of their unconscious minds.



AirborneAndersonEtta CassidyBeverly CrusherDataDeaDreodEckleyGuinanIkelJudyKirschbaumKobeGeordi La ForgeMaelO'pzOrneJean-Luc PicardProteSam RedbayWilliam RikerDeanna TroiVedilWilcoxWongWorfRobert C. YoungYthion
Referenced only 
Wesley CrusherGowronPaul HigginbothamKahlessJames T. KirkJim KiserLeonard McCoyMoestMoghSseTamLwaxana TroiZennorZlitch


Alpha QuadrantBrundage StationFuries Point
Referenced only 
BajorBajoran wormholeBrundage MountainCasius IIChala IVDeep Space 9Delos IVEarthIdahoLouvreMcCallNyo colonyParisRegal IIIRisaSun Valley

Starships and vehicles[]

IKS DoHQay (Klingon bird-of-prey) • USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • Erinyes (Fury starship) • IKS HohIj (Klingon bird-of-prey) • USS Idaho (Galaxy-class) • Kalyb (Fury starship) • Lewis (Starfleet shuttlecraft) • USS Madison (Galaxy-class) • Polo (Starfleet shuttlecraft)
Referenced only 
USS FarragutUSS T'Pau

Races and cultures[]

Referenced only 

States and organizations[]

Klingon EmpireStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

Other references[]

bat'lethdemondevilEarl GreyHebrewHippocratic oathholodeckholosuiteinterspaceJeffries tubeJudeo-ChristianklaxtalKloqPoqNestafarian brandypokerpoppetRedbay Maneuverroot teaskiingtheragenvergoVISORwormholeXotic fluYahweh


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