The Space Between was a six-part Star Trek: The Next Generation comic miniseries. It was the first Star Trek comic project by the most recent company to obtain the Star Trek comics license, IDW Publishing. The complete miniseries was published in an omnibus book in September 2007.


Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation with this all-new relaunch of the Star Trek franchise in comics. In the first collection of this special miniseries, travel to Tigan-7, Kandom 9, uncharted space and more -- each leading the dedicated crew of the Starship Enterprise into unexpected adventures. If you enjoyed watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on television, get ready for the comics adventure you've been waiting for.


The miniseries began in January 2007 and was written by David Tischman with art work by Casey Maloney with a variety of cover art for each issue by a wide range of artists.

The stories took place throughout the television series, out of chronological order, telling unique tales which the writer was aiming to be seen as lost episodes, not working as prequels or sequels to existing episodes but each a stand alone story, and a character piece often centering on one or two characters. The apparently stand-alone stories were tied together with a story which began in the epilogue in the fifth issue and continued into the sixth issue.


title History Lesson Captain's Pleasure Strategy Light of the Day Space Seeds An Inconvenient Truth
David Tischman
Casey Maloney
17 January 2007
19 February 2007
30 March 2007
25 April 2007
30 May 2007
11 July 2007
art cover
Light of Day coverA
Space Seeds Corroney
Space Between 6 Corroney
cover artist
Dennis Calero
Jeremy Geddes
Ken Kelly
Joe Corroney
photomontage cover
Light of Day coverB
Space Seeds photo
Space Between 6 Photo
Zach Howard cover
Space Seeds Howard
Space Between 6 Howard
other cover
TNG season 1
TNG season 5
TNG season 7
TNG season 6
TNG season 2
TNG season 7

Each issue of the series was available in at least three covers. The standard covers were either an art cover, produced by a variety of artists over the series, or a photomontage cover. Zach Howard produced covers for every issue which were used as more limited availability retail incentive covers for all but the third issue, which had a Howard cover produced, but was not released. Additionally each of the first three issues had a second retail incentive cover; a sketch cover, then an alternate art cover and for the third issue a different photo cover.

Dennis Calero's cover for the first issue was reused for the cover of the omnibus book.



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