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Captain Proton, Buster Kincaid and Constance Goodheart are on a mission to prevent Dr. Chaotica from finishing his powerful Blaster Ship. However, their ship is trapped by a giant cloud of Minions, spaceborne creatures under Chaotica's control. The villain reveals that he has already finished his Blaster Ship and departs, leaving the heroes to be crushed by the Minions. Proton and his friends escape and catch up to the Blaster Ship, which is on its way to Earth. Proton boards the ship and shoots its control panel, causing a chain reaction which results in the vessel's destruction, but not before Chaotica blasts a giant red star, setting it on a path towards Earth. Proton stops the red star by drawing it into the Space Vortex of Doom, but his ship starts to get drawn into the vortex as well...



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The adventures of Captain Proton featured in several Voyager episodes, including; Night, Thirty Days, Bride of Chaotica! and Shattered
Dean Wesley Smith has written another Captain Proton adventures; A novel: Captain Proton: Defender of the Earth.



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