"The Spectrum War, Issue 5" will be the 5th issue of DC Comics and IDW Publishing's 2015 Star Trek—Green Lantern: The Spectrum War crossover series of comics, written by Mike Johnson. This will be the fifth of six parts in The Spectrum War story arc, illustrated by Angel Hernandez.


The galactic civil war reaches a critical point as the Yellow Lantern Klingons, Orange Lantern Romulans and Red Lantern Gorn fight for supremacy, with Hal Jordan, James T. Kirk, and the crew of the Enterprise caught in the middle. It's a dark night for the Federation... and the arrival of Nekron and his Black Lanterns will only make things worse.


A War of Light has erupted in Federation space, with Hal Jordan and the U.S.S. Enterprise caught in the middle. Sinestro has subdued Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew with power of his yellow ring. Hal Jordan has assumed the captain's chair in Kirk's place, leading the fight against the ring-powered forces of the Klingons, the Romulans, and the Gorn. Light-years away, the Evil Nekron uses his dark powers to resurrect a dead world...

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USS Enterprise


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Starbase Savitskaya

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Sinestro CorpsUnited Federation of PlanetsRomulan Star EmpireGorn Hegemony

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