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Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki
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The most recent timeline appears in Voyages of Imagination.

Pocket Books published a timeline of their books in Adventures in Time and Space. It was revised and added to Gateways: What Lay Beyond and again in Voyages of Imagination, aka "The Star Trek Fiction Companion".

This most current version contains a complete timeline to the "Pocket Books Star Trek novels, short stories, eBooks, novelizations, Simon & Schuster Audio original audio books, Minstrel Books young adult books, and classic novels from Bantam and Ballantine Books, published through October 2006." In addition, it contains the WildStorm comics and graphic novels as well as all of the episodes and movies from each of the television series.

The Timeliners[]

The most recent version of the Timeline was released with the following credits:

Created by David Bowling, Johan Ciamaglia, Ryan J. Cornelius, James R. McCain, Alex Rosenzweig, Paul T. Semones, and Coery W. Tacker

Third revision compiled in collaboration with Jason Barney, David Henderson, Lee Jamilkowski, and Geoff Trowbridge

With special thanks to Keith R.A. DeCandido, James E. Goeders, Robert Greenberger, Bob Manojlovich, John J. Ordover, Bill Williams and David Young.


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