Bachelor party!"The Stars in Secret Influence" was the 48th issue of DC Comics' 1984 series of Star Trek comics. The issue was written by Peter David. The art was penciled by Tom Sutton and inked by Ricardo Villagran.

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Summary[edit | edit source]

Aboard the USS Enterprise, a bachelor party is thrown for Ensign Konom by the senior crew, with his fiancée Nancy Bryce having Commander Uhura, Lieutenant M'Ress, and Ensign Elizabeth Sherwood paint her skin green and gave her a green wig to pose as Orion female dancer named Geena. Konom does not know that it was her in disguise till she takes off her wig. Nancy and Elizabeth also discussed wedding plans, with Elizabeth agreeing to be Nancy's maid of honor.

Arex attends the party despite his feeling towards Klingons. During the party, many became enamored with Ensign Bearclaw's punch and get drunk. Drunk M'Ress then got together with a equally drunk Hikaru Sulu. Unfortunately, in defiance of Captain Kirk's "no liquor" orders, three of the senior staff (Scotty, Chekov and McCoy) had spiked the punch with three separate liquors (Scotch, vodka and Romulan ale, respectively). The potent drink quickly ruined the party, with Konom snapping at Sherwood and Bryce as he became disoriented and angry. A brawl ensues where the worst racial prejudices of the crew are are brought to the surface, pitting humans against the fellow alien crewmates. In defense of his new girlfriend Elizabeth, Bearclaw confronts Konom. Arex held Ensign Bearclaw back from fighting Konom, but then got into a fight with Bearclaw when he called him a octopus. Many crewmembers join the fray, which ends when Captain Kirk arrived and was injured by a flying bottle. The incident led Kirk to reconsider discipline in his crew.

Not long thereafter, the Enterprise receives word that a Klingon science outpost has been a Federation starship.

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James T. KirkSpockHikaru SuluPavel ChekovLeonard McCoyNyota UhuraMontgomery ScottArexShiboline M'Ress

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"Moron"KetarKonomWilliam BearclawNancy Bryce/"Geena" • Elizabeth Sherwood

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USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) (Constitution-class) • USS Zephyr (NCC-1023) (Miranda-class)

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FederationStarfleetKlingon Empire

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captaincommanding officercommanderexecutive officer • lieutenant • Ensignofficer

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bagpipesBachelor party

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