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En route to an important diplomatic reception, the USS Enterprise suddenly is set upon by a Klingon warship. This unprovoked assault, Kirk discovers, is in response to what the Klingon ship's captain claims are recent Federation attacks on several Klingon vessels which have disappeared.

Managing to secure a truce, Captain Kirk reaches the reception only to find out it is not just Klingon ships that are disappearing, but Federation vessels, Romulan Birds of Prey, and ships from almost every known race are vanishing without a trace.

Now, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise must determine the fate of the missing ships before the entire known galaxy is drawn into a deadly conflict.



BrewsterChristine ChapelPavel ChekovClarkFavereFossGoshalkIolaConrad Franklin KentJames T. KirkKroeberKyleLungoLeonard McCoyMiraskinNoguraOmenHazel PaytonPlumtreeRuhoMontgomery ScottBahia SlocumSpockHikaru SuluTormUhura
Referenced only
Jorge Luis BorgesSamuel ButlerGeorg CantorCarterEliotSigmund FreudKhanJohn MiltonBarbara OmenPanWilliam ShakespeareJohn Wayne

Starships and vehicles

Class-J freighterUSS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • ErehwonIKS Kormak
Referenced only
USS Crockett


Pegasus IVSector 412Starbase 12Starbase 23
Referenced only
HeavenMoscowPrufrock's WorldSector 39JUnited States

Races and cultures

Human (Native AmericanRussian) • HortaKlingeeKlingonVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

Enyart'sFederation CouncilKlingon EmpireStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet Medical CorpsStarfleet OperationsUnited Federation of Planets

Science and technology

acetylcholineAlephcommunicatorcranial interfaceelectronicfood synthesizerhourhyperanchorhyposprayintercomlife supportlightmedical tricorderminutenegative energyphaserphaser bankphoton torpedopocket universesecondsensorsensor netsensory augmentershield generatorstarstarshipsubspace radiotimetorpedotractor beamtransportertranstatortranswarp driveturboliftultravioletuniverseviewscreenwarp engine

Ranks and titles

captainchief engineercommodorecommunications officercouncilmancouncilorensignlieutenantOrion slave girlpoliticianprofessor

Other references

19th centuryalcoholAltairian devilAmerican Civil WarAmerican Wild WestasteroidBassbeardbridgebrigbuffalocapeChablischeckerscoffeecorncrustaceancrystalcyclordaystromitedaydoughnutEartherengineeringfine-toothed combgiant amoebahallucinationHenry Vhistoryhullice creamironjumpsuitkeboklaxonleadlogicmushroomnickelobservation loungeonionplanetpokerrec roomRigellian husksaboraSaurian brandyscienceShe Wore a Yellow Ribbonshore leavesickbayskeleton crewteathree-dimensional chessThrough the Looking Glasstransporter roomtreeVulcan nerve pinchwaterweaponwineThe Wizard of Ozyellow alert





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