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As the Lakul enters the Proteus system, Gerda Idun Asmund detects a ship in the system that appears to be the Stargazer. Werreth, a shapeshifter who is impersonating the Lakul's Captain Guinan, orders Jean-Luc Picard beamed off of the Stargazer, causing Picard to protest greatly. However, the crew ignores his protests because they have detected the IKC Tlhab, a Klingon warship, entering the system and believe it was Picard's fault. Picard was taken into custody and Werreth took a team down to the system's fifth planet in order to ffollow through on a planned meeting with the Daa'Vit Morgen, who claimed his people wanted to help the rebellion. This was actually an ambush planned by Morgen and the Klingons and the away team was only saved because Picard escaped custody and saved the team, revealing that he was actually another shapeshifter named Sestro. After Sestro was shot, Werreth used her ability to change her vocal cords to mimic the Klingon captain and order his ship away.



Gilaad Ben ZomaGerda Idun AsmundDrujaGarnerGuinanPug JosephKochmanKrollageMelekhMorgenPejorPernellJean-Luc PicardRefslandRuunekSestroUleloWerrethElizabeth Wu
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Starships and vehicles[]

LakulStargazerIKC Tlhab (D'tag-class)
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bridgecargo bayProteus
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Bering's WorldDaled IV

Races and cultures[]

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States and organizations[]

Klingon-Cardassian AllianceKlingon High CommandKlingon Imperial Fleet
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House of Ajaq

Ranks and titles[]


Other references[]

cargo transportchessdisruptorfire extinguisherphaserplastisteelshield generatortransportertricorderturbolift


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