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In order to give Commander William Riker more command experience, Captain Picard hands control of the USS Enterprise-D to Riker for a mission. The Enterprise crew explores the mysteries of a star system, including a mineral known as transinium, and its relation to a terrorist attack.



William RikerDataDeanna TroiBeverly CrusherGeordi LaForgeWorfDenningKuhrratMyynagiJean-Luc PicardTarkenRobert VeluraPamela JansenAlfred ParksFarooqFred Smith


USS Enterprise (Galaxy-class explorer) • Ferengi trading vessel
Referenced only 
Klingon patrol cruiser

Races and cultures[]


States and organizations[]

Starfleet Command
Referenced only 
Universal Mining Company

Science and technology[]

photon torpedophaserwarp driveimpulse drivetransiniumcyberneticshyposprayVISOR

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  • Star Trek The Next Generation: The Transinium Challenge features the likenesses of most of the cast of the television show upon which the game is based.
  • Based on elements of the story, the mission takes place between the episodes The Neutral Zone and The Child.



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