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The Transinium Challenge is a Star Trek: The Next Generation computer game released in 1989 for play on PC. Developed by TRANS Fiction Systems, published by Simon & Schuster Interactive and distributed by Prentice Hall Trade, New York with cover art by Bryce Lee.


Terrorist attacks in the Aquila star system
An unknown aggressor threatens the Enterprise
First Officer Will Riker placed in command
Ambition and greed combine in a desperate bid for galactic dominance. To turn back this threat, Riker must discover the secret of a lost Aquilan civilization and unravel the mystery of the enigmatic children wandering through its ruins.
• Your favorite actors from the hit TV series, digitized and fully animated • Dazzling special effects, space battles, and never-before-seen aliens • Context-sensitive, easy-to-use, buttons, icons and hotspots. No typing!
The Transinium Challenge is the first in a new line of Star Trek games developed by TRANS Fiction Systems, a leading producer of state-of-the-art entertainment software. It combines the excitement and drama of the Next Generation television series with the richness of a new generation of advanced computer simulations.
System Requirements: IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2, or 100% compatible 512K RAM
Two 360K disk drives (hard drive recommended)
CGA, EGA, or Tandy graphics card and color monitor
Mouse (optional)


In order to give Commander William Riker more Starfleet command experience, Captain Jean-Luc Picard hands control of the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D to Riker for a mission. The Enterprise crew explores the mysteries of a star system, including a mineral known as transinium, and its relation to a terrorist attack.



Beverly CrusherDataDenningFarooqPamela JansenKuhrratGeordi LaForgeMyynagiAlfred ParksJean-Luc PicardWilliam RikerFred SmithTarken (Khulli)Deanna TroiRobert VeluraWorfUSS Enterprise-D personnel (USS Enterprise-D personnel roster)
Referenced only
Finn MacCoolNoonian Soong

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise (Galaxy-class explorer) • Ferengi trading vessel
Referenced only
Klingon patrol cruiser


Aquila system (Aquila constellation, the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant)
Aquila IAquila IIAquila IIIAquila system asteroid belt: Asteroid C-21Asteroid D-39Asteroid E-146Asteroid F-72 ("Finn's Fist", location of MacCool's bar)… • Aquila IV
Referenced only

Races and cultures

Referenced only
Cossina III natives

States and organizations

StarfleetStarfleet CommandUnited Federation of PlanetsUniversal Mining Company

Science and classification

asteroidcommunicationscyberneticsenergygalaxygenetic hybridlifeformmattermedicineplanetquadrantsectorspacestarstardatestar mapstar systemtechnologytimeuniverseweapon


personnel file



Materials and substances



Khyme's Syndrome

Technology and weapons

androidcomputerhyposprayimpulse drivephoton torpedophaserspacecraftstarshipVISORwarp drive

Ranks and titles

captainchief engineerchief medical officercommand divisioncommandercommanding officercounselordoctorengineerFederation Starfleet ranksFederation Starfleet ranks (2350s-2360s)first officerlieutenantlieutenant commanderlieutenant JGmedicofficeroperations divisionoperations managersciences divisionsecond officersecurity chieftactical officer

Other references

barblindnessbootcigaretteclothingcreditgovernmentjumpsuitlog entrymissionmysterynation-stateNobel Prizeraces and culturesranksciencesecuritysmokingStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2350s-2366)tacticalterrorismtitleuniform


Circa 2060s decade, 21st century
The Klingon Empire annexes the Khulli. (About 300 years prior to game)
stardate 41881.1, 2364 or 2365 (2360s chronology, Enterprise-D voyages)
The Enterprise-D travels to Aquila system.



  • Star Trek The Next Generation: The Transinium Challenge features the likenesses of most of the cast of the television show upon which the game is based.
  • Based on elements of the story, the mission takes place between the episodes "The Neutral Zone" (the finale of TNG season 1) and "The Child" (the premiere of TNG season 2).
    • It is not clear whether it takes place in the final part of the year 2364 or the beginning of 2365, but the stardate being 41881 might be taken to indicate 2364. However, this date cannot be taken as being sequential with "The Neutral Zone" and "The Child" as it precedes the date of "The Neutral Zone".
    • According to the cover art, Geordi La Forge has been assigned to wear an operations division Starfleet uniform, indicating he has received his promotion to chief engineer (first seen and mentioned in canon in "The Child" and after his last appearance in a command division uniform in "The Neutral Zone").
    • Doctor Beverly Crusher is still the ship's chief medical officer. Her last appearance before departing was "The Neutral Zone" and her replacement, Doctor Katherine Pulaski, would arrive during "The Child".
    • According to the cover art, Worf has been assigned to wear an operations division uniform, indicating he has received his promotion to security chief (first seen in canon in "The Child" and after his last appearance in a command division uniform as "acting security chief" in "The Neutral Zone").
    • According to the cover art, William T. Riker has not yet grown his beard, first seen in canon in "The Child" and after his last appearance without a beard in "The Neutral Zone".
    • According to the cover art, Deanna Troi had started wearing her V-neck burgundy bodysuit and TNG season 2 hairstyle, first seen in canon in "The Child" and after her last appearance wearing her season 1 gray pantsuit and her hair in a bun in "The Neutral Zone". Images of her in-game show her TNG season 1 hairstyle and pantsuit neckline, although it is not entirely implausible that she could change clothing and hairstyles back and forth during the course of the game.



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