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Log Entries

Captain's log, Stardate 8583.7
The Enterprise has been requested to investigate reports of a new planet, a class M (capable of sustaining human life), never before seen in this previously uninhabitable sector of space.
The planet was first witnessed six weeks ago by the crew of the "
Carter", a disabled freighter rescued soon after its initial sighting.
As a result of their timely rescue, the
Carter 's crew had not had the opportunity to beam down and so explore the planet's surface.
It is this stage of the planet's exploration that we are about to undertake.
Beaming down with to the planet's surface wil be our medical officer Dr. McCoy and Science Officer Mr. Spock...
Captain's log, Supplemental
Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy and myself are effectively trapped on the planet. Some unknown feature of the atmosphere seems to be blocking our communicators' signals to the Enterprise, preventing us from requesting our beam up.
Even if Mr. Scott is to take it upon himself to transport us, with the
Enterprise unable to lock in our position via our signal, our retrieval is still impossible.
Captain's log, Supplemental
I am recommending to Starfleet that the planet be placed off limits.
It is possible that future generations will develop sufficient control over their thoughts and dreams to be able to exploit the planet's unusual qualities with safety...
... But ours is not ready.



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