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Regional star chart.

In the Kelvin timeline, the Trench was a region of space, an unexplored area between the Federation and Klingon Empire in the galaxy's Beta Quadrant. (TOS video game: Bridge Crew)


Following the destruction of Vulcan[1] in the year 2258, Starfleet assigned ships to the expeditionary fleet searching the Trench for a potential new homeworld for the surviving Vulcans. These included the brand-new USS Aegis, the USS Huxley and the USS Raleigh. (TOS video game: Bridge Crew)

USS Huxley at Silva IV.

On stardate 2258.193, the Huxley rendezvoused with the Aegis in the Edinov star system. Under the lead of the Aegis, both ships traveled to the Silva system in the Trench to determine its suitability as a site for the future New Vulcan. The ships found the system riddled with anomalies. Silva IV was deemed unfit for colonization. Dutifully, Ukwu and her Aegis counterpart completed the survey of the system and scared off pirates, before returning to Edinov. (TOS video game: Bridge Crew mission: "Ep. 1: Stormy Seas")

The anomalies detected by the Huxley and Aegis were traced to the volatile protomatter substance. The survey made it unlikely that the Trench was suitable for Vulcan settlement. (TOS video game: Bridge Crew mission: "Ep. 2: The Sun and The Shield")

When the Trench was deemed unsuitable for Vulcan settlement, the expeditionary fleet remained to protect Federation interests in the region against the expanding Klingon Empire. This led to skirmishes between Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force in the Trench systems. (TOS video game: Bridge Crew)

Alternate timeline[]

In the prime universe, the Federation dispatched Starfleet to defend the Trench against Romulan incursions. The Romulan Star Empire engaged in skirmishes with the USS Enterprise-D and other Starfleet ships present to find a worthy challenge. At one point, the Enterprise-D raced to collect Starfleet prototypes while a Borg cube was in hot pursuit. With all three prototypes recovered, the Enterprise-D destroyed the cube. (TOS video game: Bridge Crew, The Next Generation DLC)


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