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The Triangle… A hotbed of deceit, destruction, and death.


A FASA RPG campaign supplement detailing the Triangle sector game setting, taking place over a one-year time period.


The Triangle... A hotbed of deceit, destruction, and death. Over the next year State secrets will be bought and sold, Wars waged, Revolutions launched, Planetary governments will topple, Millions will die, And billions of credits profit will be made. The Triangle Campaign contains four background plots of enormous proportions that could reshape the galaxy. Details for all the plots unfold over a one-year period. "Merchant of Death" deals with the unhealthy actions of a Romulan weapons dealer. In "A Dose of Revenge," Thought Admiral Krador not only plots the overthrow of the Klingon throne, but the conquest of known space. "A Family Affair" involves an Orion pirate with visions of grandeur and the cunning to realize them. Planets and populations are only pluses and minuses on the ledger sheet of BioResearch in "The Corporate Grasp." Overall, it's just another typical year in The Triangle.



The Triangle Campaign characters[]

William Bingham ArtzerHolbrook Charmichael BrownDarva Sek ChonesEarl Wilson ConnorLlewellyn Smythe GrahmGwendolyn MarcusIdrianna Alexis PantazarCarver John PontagueAngus McTaggartAmbrose Tyronne TelemanchusYonni Yonson
Referenced only 
Serenity CedrusKrador zantai RrilacAaron LacklandFranklin P. McGarry IVBarpholomew Horgan PriceR'thlanaR'ZaadSemakTennethJane vander Todd

Merchant of Death characters[]

Floont ArtneyDecartusRodney MaremauntPieter Petrovich ReleskyR'thlanaT'GrotiusGalv TrellgViginatumLandasor Wenkion
Referenced only 
Knute DanasonHermentaJerrod KallatianJordweis MannEustace Maremaunt

A Dose of Revenge characters[]

Fester Dunton (aka Chester Dunton) • Karstan sutai MarshKrador zantai RrilacKonuu zantai MogodushKreetan hardur RrilacClavius RomdarGrundar Vastok

A Family Affair characters[]

Drago ApterixFayel R'ZaadJoshua Scott
Referenced only 
Errol Flynn

The Corporate Grasp characters[]

B'barkhVran CafriChemstrow FierdahlGgrarthHerbert LomS'dran S'coolnikVincentia SearioJohn SmithClarie TharpusWalfield ThistleLancelot Worthington IIIWthlianVulugan reptile
Referenced only 
William K. ArbuthnotBoelcheF.G. BrowntreesCassandra BurtusDjrhulacGerard K. O'NeillRoss B. Teague IVTiemenJames R. Worthington

Starships and vehicles[]

USS ArmstrongClawIKS DestructorFarseekerGlory's FortuneGoldieUSS HannibalUSS LafayetteUSS LeuctraIKS MayhemNo-Luck 11Tavares-classWanderlustWanderer-classUSS WheelerWinged Defender-class


AdharaAdye systemArgelius IIBaker's DozenBaker's WorldComstockDoo IIIEpileyGeislingHadalib VJonny's RetreatKanassarumKlinzhaiLanroche VIIILunaMeadowMuldor IVNewlin IIPaxton IIIPaxton IVRemfrySatterfeldStarbase 10Tautallus IIIThe TriangleTurnstileWorkday

Races and cultures[]

Referenced only 

States and organizations[]

BioResearch CorporationDuncann NutsImperial Senate of the Romulan Star EmpireKlingon EmpireLuxury ApparelMaremaunt CorporationMegagenicsOrion Unification EmpirePeople's Freedom ArmyPhoenix Enterprises, Ltd.Romulan High CommandRomulan Star EmpireStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet IntelligenceUnited Federation of PlanetsWthlian Loan AssociationYkoch family

Other references[]

corborytedi-agro-nucleic acidEugenics WarsGalactaklin zhak'manatramOperation XanaduOrganian Peace TreatyT'trantine