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Captain's log, stardate 8901.1 
Continuing the Excelsior 's ongoing shakedown cruise, we have assumed standard orbit around an uncharted planet just outside known space.
Because of magnetic storms and other radiations on its surface, the planet cannot be scanned effectively.
These storms also make beaming a landing party to the planet an unacceptably risky procedure.

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Characters[edit | edit source]

William BearclawBodineHathawayJedJames T. KirkKonomThimon

Starships and Vehicles[edit | edit source]

USS ExcelsiorUSS Sturgeon

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#28: "The Last Word"
Star Trek: The Original Series
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#30: "Uhura's Story"
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"Wolf at the Door"
Stories by:
Tony Isabella
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"Maggie's World!"
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"The Last Word"
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"Maggie's World!"

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