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A Borg cube discovers a pod full of tribbles.


In the Delta Quadrant, a Borg cube pursues the rare opportunity of assimilating knowledge about the Alpha Quadrant when an escape pod from the IKS Gr'oth is recovered. The Borg find over three-hundred tribbles, and the former Talaxian Three of Three is among the drones reassigned to experiment on the freshly assimilated tribbles. The simplistic thought processes of Three of Three's tribble trigger an emotional response in the drone, reminding him of his is Talaxian past. Three of Three eventually resists further harming the tribble, thus also resisting the hive-mind. As he knows the self-destruct will be engaged, he hears other drones resisting as well, and settles down with his tribble while the countdown runs out.



Three of Three (also known as Three of Two Hundred Forty-Seven, Three of Three Hundred Eight)

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Borg cube
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IKS Gr'oth


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Borg Collective

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