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"The Truth About Tribbles, Part 1" was the eleventh issue of IDW Publishing's ongoing series of Star Trek comics. The issue consisted of the first part of The Truth About Tribbles, a loose Kelvin timeline adaptation of TOS episode: "The Trouble with Tribbles", as adapted from the original by writer Mike Johnson. Issue art was by Claudia Balboni, with colors and lettering by Ilaria Traversi and Neil Uyetake, respectively. This series premiere was edited by Scott Dunbier, with Roberto Orci credited as creative consultant.


On Delta Vega, Spock Prime notices that Montgomery Scott has a pet tribble that he intends to send to his nephew, Chris, at Starfleet Academy. He says that it is an ideal pet. Spock Prime is worried. Kirk, Scott, Keenser, and Spock Prime head for the shuttlecraft.

One year later, Scott and Chekov are performing an unauthorized experiment in transwarp beaming using the tribble. With summer vacation going on, only Scott's nephew, Chris, is at the Academy. They beam the tribble through subspace relays to Chris. Just then, Captain Kirk sounds a red alert. Chekov thinks Kirk has found out about their experiment, but he is wrong.

Captain's Log, Stardate 2259.155

An exploratory mission to the Iota Germinorum system has resulted in an encounter with a Klingon bird-of-prey far from the border of their empire.

As the Klingons are enemies of the Federation, this encounter would lead to war, but that is not why they are here. The Klingons leave. Spock suggests going to Iota Geminorum IV, which is habitable. He detects something mysterious. Kirk orders Sulu to proceed to the planet at full impulse.

On Iota Geminorum IV, Kirk, Spock, Scott, and Chekov discover tribbles, which replicate right in front of them. They spot a bomb surrounded by tribbles. The landing party realizes that the tribbles could pose a threat to Earth. Just then, a predator that feeds on tribbles attacks Kirk and is killed. More predators arrive and are killed. Chekov gets worried that the tribble they beamed to Starfleet Academy could be trouble. Scott is sure his nephew will call if there is any problem. Little do they know that San Francisco has been overrun by tribbles.

To be continued...



James T. KirkSpockMontgomery ScottPavel ChekovHikaru SuluNyota UhuraSpock PrimeChris ScottKeenser
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Starships and vehicles

USS EnterpriseKlingon bird-of-prey


San Francisco

Shipboard locales

USS Enterprise
bridgetransporter room


Delta VegaEarthIota Geminorum IV

Stars and systems

Iota GeminorumIota Geminorum system

Stellar regions

Milky Way Galaxy

Races and Cultures

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States and Organizations

StarfleetStarfleet AcademyFederationKlingon Empire

Technology and weapons

bombcommunicatorphaserstarshipsubspace relaytricordertransportertranswarp beaming

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Other references

spontaneous asexual replicationghost townAndorian cheesered alertxenobiology


Spock Prime notices the tribble.
Enterprise visits Iota Geminorum IV.



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