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The USS Voyager and Beyond was the second volume in the Designing Starships reference work series written by Ben Robinson and Marcus Riley. Originally released in 2017, a mass-market edition followed in 2019 by Eaglemoss Collections.

This volume featured the real-world development of USS Voyager and USS Enterprise-J as well as a cross-section of starships from all the series produced up to that time, ranging from the Antares-class transport adapted from TAS for remastered TOS to the Xindi-Aquatic's Narcine-class starship in Enterprise. Included was a mix of new content and material repurposed from Star Trek: The Magazine and The Official Starships Collection.


Dust jacket
This book follows the journey of many of Star Trek's most famous ships, from concept sketch to screen. The designers reveal — in their own words — the often extraordinary stories behind the ship's creation. Read the story of the USS Voyager — a ship that drew inspiration from a killer whale; Syd Mead's fantastic living machine V'Ger; and the development of Doug Drexler's USS Enterprise-J — the most futuristic starship ever.
Discover the inside story on key ships from the TV series Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise, and the movies Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, and Star Trek Nemesis.



Referenced only 
Jonathan ArcherZephram CochraneDataDegraDuras, son of ToralCharlie EvansErin HansenMagnus HansenIlia (probe)James T. KirkGeordi La ForgePaul Mayweather, Sr.Rianna MayweatherNeelixTom ParisJean-Luc PicardCarlos RamirezRudolph RansomWilliam T. RikerHoshi SatoSeven of NineSpockV'GerWorf, son of Mogh

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Aeon (timeship) • AeroshuttleUSS AltairUSS AntaresBaxialDelta FlyerUSS Enterprise-JUSS Equinox (Nova-class) • Federation holoshipECS Horizon cargo shipinspection podIntrepid NV-01USS Intrepid (Constitution-class) • Liberator (Borg assimilator) • Medusan starshipNX-AlphaPhoenixUSS PrometheusUSS RavenUSS Talon (Talon-class) • VahklasIRW Valdore (Mogai-class) • USS VoyagerVoth city shipVoth research vesselV'GerWodenYorkshire (transport)
Starship classes
Antares-class transportBorg sphereConstitution-classD'deridex-class Romulan warbirdEpoch-classKlingon bird-of-preyK't'inga-class Klingon battlecruiserKulshedra-class Gorn starshipKumari-class Andorian battle cruiserNarcine-class Xindi-Aquatic starshipOlaen-class Xindi-Insectoid heavy escort carrierRomulan warbirdSuurok-classVas Hatham-class Romulan bird-of-prey
Referenced only 
airplaneBoeing 747Borg cubeCalypso (captain's yacht) • ChaffeeD7-class Klingon battlecruiserUSS Defiant (Defiant-class) • D'Kora-class Ferengi marauderDefiant pathfinderUSS Enterprise-DUSS Enterprise-EUSS ExcelsiorECS Fortunatehelicopterjet aircraftlifeboatNebula-classUSS RelativityrunaboutsubmarineshuttlecraftT'Plana-Hathtravel podWaverider shuttlework bee


Delta QuadrantEarth (AmsterdamEdwards Air Force BaseGermanyHollandHollywoodInternational Space StationLong Beach, CaliforniaPhoenix, ArizonaSanta MonicaSmithsonian Air and Space Museum) • Procyon V

Races and cultures[]

AkritiriAndorianBa'kuBorgCardassianFerengiGornHuman (AmericanAustralianHawaiian) • KlingonMedusanRomulanSon'aVothXindi (Xindi-AquaticXindi-InsectoidXindi-Reptilian)

States and organizations[]

Advanced Starship Design BureauBorgChronowerx CorporationFederationNASAStarfleetUnited States Air ForceUnited States Coast GuardUnited States Navy

Science and classification[]

assimilationatom bombattitude control thrusterbombbridgeBussard collectorcargo modulecloaking devicecommunicatorcomputer coredeflector shielddocking clampdocking collarengineering hullgraviton ellipsehatchhologramhull platinghumanoidimpellerimpulse enginelaboratorymachinematter/antimatter chambernanotechnologynavigational deflectorNX Projectobservation loungephaserphaser stripphoton torpedophoton torpedo launcherplasma flush ventpulse cannonquartersrobotsatellitesensorshield emitterspeciesstasis chamberthrustertractor beam emittertransportertranswarptricorderturboliftVoyager VIwarp drivewarp nacellewarp plasmawarp reactorwelder

Ranks and titles[]


Other references[]

alienantennaantimatterapeassault shipassignment patchatmosphereBattle of Procyon VbeachbirdbrainbridgecitycondorcorridorcorsaircrabcricketcutterdaydinosaurfighterflagFlash Gordonfootballglassgovernmentgrassgravityhawkhelmeticeinsectinsectoidkiller whaleKlingon uniformlizardmattermetalmilemilitarymissilemoneymonthmoonmoviemuseumoceanparkplanetprisonquartersrockrock climbingrocketRorschachscience vesselsharkshellshipyardshuttlebayskydivingspacespaceshipsquidstingraytechnologytetraburniumTitan missiletransporttribbleuniverseuniversitywarwarp factorwaterwhaleWorld War IIzeppelinzero gravity




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