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The Vault was a space station within the Romulan Star Empire, located in the Haakona System of the Psi Velorum sector block of the Beta Quadrant. (STO video game: Star Trek Online)


This highly classified location was in fact a cloaked military facility with the only means of entry being a encrypted code that was known to members of the Imperial Romulan Senate and the Romulan High Command. The base served as a hidden research facility where certain technologies were studied and also served as a safe haven for the ruling council in the event of a threat to the homeworld. In addition, it was to serve as a rendevous point for the remnants of the Romulan Star Navy. The station is massive, comparable to the size of a small moon. Among the weaponry housed there is a complete Borg sphere, as well as thalaron weaponry. (TNG comic: "Countdown, Number Three"; STO mission: "The Vault")

In 2387, Romulan miner Nero learned of the location of the Vault after assassinating the Praetor and members of the Senate. Travelling to it, he claimed that he was given the codes by the Praetor before his death. Once at the facility, he met Commander D'Spal who revealed to Nero that Borg technology was being studied at the facility and refitted the Narada with it in a plot of vengeance against the United Federation of Planets. (TNG comic: "Countdown, Number Three")

By 2409, the remnants of the RSE had abandoned the station. Reman separatist leader Obisek planned to steal weapons from The Vault, including thalaron weapons. His forces took over the derelict station and began extracting the weapons. However, Starfleet officers infiltrated the station with a shuttlecraft and discovered his motives. Soon after, the escaping Reman ship was destroyed by a Federation starship. (STO mission: "The Vault")

Later that year, Obisek brought his people to The Vault and began to use it as their new base. Instead of using it for warfare, however, they wished to use it for peace, to live free. Obisek had no quarrel with the existing Romulan refugees there. Obisek also didn't prevent some of his people from rebuilding their lives elsewhere. One of them in particular left to become an officer on a Starfleet ship. (STO mission: "Darkness Before the Dawn")

The Vault came under two separate attacks after this, first by a Tholian armada that attempted to drag it into an alternate universe with a giant Tholian web. Another attack by Tal Shiar forces briefly succeeded in driving Obisek's followers out. Both attacks were repelled by allied forces. (STO missions: "The Vault: Ensnared", "Vault Shuttle Event")



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