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Reverend Adam Ghent joins the Continental Navy preparing to engage the Royal Navy at Lake Champlain. He tracks down his brother-in-law, Israel Daniel Dickenson, and finds he is the captain of the Enterprise. Ghent joins the crew as chaplain and gives Dickenson a package from his mother, containing talismans from the old religion that Dickenson recognises as a concealing spell.

The Americans manage to hold the British throughout the day, helped by a strong wind preventing the large British ships from reaching them. As night falls, Ghent persuades Dickenson to don the cloak, which gives him the idea to take the fleet away from their positions under cover of fog, forcing the British to waste time searching for them and allowing the Americans to fortify their positions.

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Benedict ArnoldArthur CohnIsrael Daniel DickensonAdam GhentHenry HardieStephen McCraeEdward PellewJoe RochonBarclayBarretteLaMayLavengoodThorsby
Referenced only 
Blake (ship's mate)Eloise DickensonMary DickensonRue (Captain)George WashingtonEdward Wigglesworth

Starships and vehicles[]

EnterpriseCarletonCongressConnecticutInflexibleNew YorkPhiladelphiaRevengeRoyal SavageSpitfireTrumbullWashington


Earth (Adirondack MountainsLake ChamplainNew YorkValcour BayValcour Island)
Referenced only 
CanadaConnecticut (New Haven) • Fort TiconderogaHudson RiverLong IslandRichelieu RiverSchuyler IslandSt. John'sSt. Lawrence River

Races and cultures[]


States and organizations[]

Continental CongressContinental NavyEnglandRoyal NavyUnited StatesUnited States Navy

Technology and weapons[]

boat (bateaucanoerowboat) • cannoncuttergalleygunboatgunpowderhammerknifemusketradeauschoonersloop

Ranks and titles[]

admiralcaptainchaplaincoxswaindoctorfirst mategeneralofficersailor

Other references[]

177517761801applebeardbellbirdbloodbootbreakfastbutterflycamp fevercatchapelChristmascornmealdeathdogearthelementsequinoxfascinefireflower (rose) • flyfogforestgardenghost (spirit)GodhairHalloweenheartholidayhollyhorselightningmalariamedicinememorymerchant marinemistMoonOctoberprayerprivateerpuddingreligionroperumsailsaltstonesunsupernaturalsuperstitionswanswimmingteatreetyphoiduniformThe Veilwaterwitch


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