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The hunted"The Victim" was the sixty-second issue of DC Comics' 1988 series of The Next Generation comics. The issue consisted of a 23 page story, as written by Michael Jan Friedman. The art was penciled by Rachel Ketchum and inked by Rick Burchett, with Margaret Clark credited as editor and Mike McAvennie and Curtis King editing the lettercolumn and cover, respectively.


In a daze, Deanna Troi stumbles into a tall humanoid with a goatee beard standing in some sort of garden. He knows her but, confused, she can't place where she knows him from. Another man in body armor, of the same alien race as the other, interrupts the exchange and tells them to get ready for death. Troi is shocked, and asks why.

The man says that killing doesn't need a reason.



AlthanalBeverly CrusherDataGeordi La ForgeMentricatJean-Luc PicardWilliam RikerSuulDeanna TroiWorfunnamed humanoids

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class explorer)


Shipboard locations

USS Enterprise-D
observation lounge

Planetary locations

Talquosian mansion

Planets and planetoids

Referenced only
Beta Scoraata II

Stars and systems

Talquosian system
Referenced only
Beta Scoraata

Stellar locations

the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants

Races and cultures

Referenced only

Science and classification

anatomyenergygalaxylifeformmatterorbitplanetpsychologyquadrantspacestarstar systemtechnologytelepathytimeuniverseweapon



Materials and substances


Technology and weapons

communicatordirected energy weaponphaserstarshiptype-2 phasertype-2 phaser (2366)

States and organizations

FederationFederation Diplomatic CorpsStarfleetTalquosian government

Ranks and titles

ambassadorcaptainchief engineerchief medical officercommand divisioncommandercommanding officercounselorengineerexecutive officerFederation Starfleet ranksFederation Starfleet ranks (2360s-2370s)first officerlieutenantlieutenant commandersecurity chieftactical officer

Other references

bootclothingdiplomacyempathygovernmentinsigniajumpsuitnation-statepantsraces and culturesrankrank insigniaStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2366-2373)titletunicuniformscience




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