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An elderly Jake Sisko tells a visiting young woman to his home in New Orleans about how he lost his father and why he stopped writing.



Azeni KorenaJulian BashirBroikJadzia DaxJonesKira NerysMelanieMornNalan BalNogMiles O'BrienOdoQuarkBenjamin SiskoJake SiskoWorf, son of Mogh
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RomJennifer SiskoJoseph Sisko


Bajoran sectorBajoran wormholeDeep Space 9EarthGamma Quadranthabitat ringLouisianaNew OrleansPromenadeQuark's
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BajorFrench QuarterSisko's Creole Kitchen


Antares-class freighter • Danube-class runaboutUSS Defiant (Defiant-class) • Janitza-class starship • USS Leeds (Nebula-class)

Races and cultures

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States and Organizations

Bajoran MilitiaStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
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DominionKlingon EmpireKlingon High CouncilPennington SchoolStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet Science

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240524082422245024th century25th centuryalternate timelineAnslembaseballbaseballbayouBetar PrizebookchampagnecoffeeCollected Storiescombadgedeflector arraydermal regeneratordoctordom-jotEmissary of the Prophetsgravimetric fieldgravimetic wavegraviton pulseholoprogramholosuiteHoratio Hornblowerhyposprayinterphasic compensatorion surfinglatinumLCARSlight-yearmoonPADDredfishreplicatorSaltah'na clocksolar sailsubspacesubspace fieldsubspace field mechanicssubspace flux isolatorsubspace inversionTakarian meadtemporal distortiontemporal signaturetransporterwarp coilwarp corewarp core breachwarp core ejection systemYoruba mask


Related media

  • Nog is also depicted as a captain in the alternate future of Millennium, Star Trek Online, and in the season eight storyline in the documentary What We Left Behind.
  • Korena would later feature prominently in the Worlds of Deep Space Nine novel Bajor: Fragments and Omens where she and Jake meet and marry on Bajor. Sisko recognises her from the alternate timeline.
  • The Prophecy and Change framing stories Revisited take place in the "proper" timeline, but reveal a future very similar to the alternate timeline seen in "The Visitor". Melanie visits him in his house in New Orleans and asks him about his work. The 25th century portions of the Star Trek: Enterprise novel The Good That Men Do also takes place in a similar future to the one depicted in the episode.

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