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The Vulcan Treasure is a TOS interactive young adult novel, the second of two published in the 1980s by Wanderer Books. The story was written by William Rotsler, with the reader making choices to affect the outcome of the story.


The ancient civil war on Vulcan, between the forces of illogic and the armies of logic, was a conflict that threatened the very structure of that planet. In a desperate move to protect the crown jewels of Vulcan from the continuing conflagration, a small ship left the planet to hide this precious treasure. And never returned!
Now the crew of the USS Enterprise beams down on three moons orbiting the planet Cathy, to track down the mysterious signal being transmitted from the system.
Join your favorite Star Trek III characters in this twisting, many-faceted adventure where you control the action and determine how the stories end. YOU are in command.


In the time of Surak, during Vulcan's civil war between the forces of logic and illogic, General Barat sends the young officer Sobak into space aboard the combat starship Le-Troska with the crown jewels of Vulcan. The ship disappears and is never seen again.

As the Enterprise passes the Novak system, Uhura picks up strange signals from the three moons of the outermost planet, Cathy. Spock recognizes that the signals are in pre-war Vulcanese. The Enterprise enters orbit around Abigail, the nearest moon. Spock suggests sending landing parties to all three moons.

Admiral Kirk beams down to the moon Charlotte with Dr. Chapel, Engineering Lieutenant Lex Nakashima, and Sergeant Juan Aragonés, Barry St. John and Marta Bergstresser from Security. Spock beams down to Abigail with Dr. Weinstein, Scotty, and Sergeant Jerry Workman, Bobbi Wagner and Sergio Mendoza from Security. Chekov goes to the third moon, Gerald, with Dr. McCoy, Engineering Ensign Pat Bradley, and Lieutenant Tom Collins, Ricky Randall and Maude Fox from Security. Combat assault craft are also beamed down to the moons for each team's use.

On Charlotte, Kirk's team explores a cave system containing one-third of the lost treasure. On Abigail, Spock's party crosses a prairie to find the second portion of the treasure underground. In the desert on Gerald, Chekov's group uses phasers to excavate a dune and find the entrance to a glass-walled tunnel, beyond which lies the third part of the treasure. On all three moons the landing parties find jewels, precious metals and artwork of great value, as well as historical, intellectual and cultural artifacts of even greater significance. The Enterprise crew prepares to return the treasure to Vulcan.



Juan AragonésBaratMarta BergstresserBollakPat BradleyChristine ChapelPavel ChekovTom CollinsMaude FoxJames T. KirkLeonard McCoySergio MendozaLex NakashimaOrtmoRicky RandallMontgomery ScottSobakSpockBarry St. JohnHikaru SuluSurakSutarThagardNyota UhuraBobbi WagnerWeinsteinJerry Workman
Referenced only
BlackbeardAmanda GraysonJesus ChristHenry MorganGerald NovakSaavikSarekSikarStonnT'PauT'PringTutankhamenZeus

Starships and vehicles

combat assault craftUSS Enterpriseshuttle
Referenced only
USS Alfred North Whitehead (Federation starship) • Le-Troska (Vulcan combat starship)


AbigailCathyCharlotteGeraldNovak systemVulcan
Referenced only
Earth (RussiaTroy) • El-alforFire Moons Toor-el-botarGalen IXGriffin (McCarthy system) • Jupiter (Sol system) • Pyramid of VulcanVulcana

Races and cultures

HumanTeelaVulcan (Valna)
Referenced only

States and organizations

Royal GuardsStarfleetStarfleet AcademyUnited Federation of PlanetsVegan Overlords

Ranks and titles

admiralcaptain • chief helmsmancommandercommanding officerdoctorengineerensignfirst officergeneralguardkingknightlieutenantlieutenant commandermedicmedical officernon-commissioned officerofficeroraclepiratescience officersecond-in-commandsergeantsoldierSupreme Vulcanyeoman

Science and technology

alienanti-gravityatmosphereautopsybeta raybloodbraincalciumcarboncargo transportercommunicationscommunicatorcommunicom devicecomputereel-zadoreggelectropadFeinbergerfiring mechanismG-type stargalaxygravityheart attackhumanoidhyposprayimpulse enginelaserlifeformlife supportlogic circuitmattermedicineorbitphaserplantradioradio-band direction finderrobotscreen magnifiersensorsimulatorspacestarstarshipstasis tubetemporal displacementtransportertricordertri-dimensional phototri-meladrozimineuniversal translatoruniverseviewscreenwarp driveweapon

Other references

algaeancient VulcanarchaeologyarmorartaxBaroni languagebattlecodebookbridgebunkercannibalismcargo cultcathedralcivil warcolonycombat armorcombat teamconcretecoppercrowncrown jewelscrown of Mutarracrowns of MetordaggerdeathdesertdiamondDo-an-muli languagedorfemotionengineeringEnglish languageessence stoneExcaliburfirst-contact teamflagflowergarfdurmghostglassgoldgrasshistoryHoly Grailhonorinsectivoriumjadejreelkiltlanding partylanguageLibrary of Vulcanlogicmalamoormeditation stonememoirmetalmeteorminemirronmoonorbs of Soo-la-tamorchidpearlphilosophyplanetplasticpossessionpyramidquartzradienreptileRigellian languagesciencesecurityshieldsilverspearspiritstardatesuicideswordtechnologyTeela languageTerran Library of the Grand Counciltra-lo-kleetransfixed watertransporter roomTrexlor languageuniformVulcan civil warVulcan historyVulcan mind touchVulcan nerve pinchVulcan reconstructionVulcanese languagewarwaterwheatwitchwood



  • The Vulcan Treasure is a "Plot-It-Yourself Adventure", told in the third person but allowing the reader to make choices affecting the direction of the plot. The above summary describes only what happens or can be assumed to happen no matter which path the reader follows through the book.
  • Spock is incorrectly stated to have two hearts (page 44).
  • Depending on which pages one chooses to read after page 68, St. John's disappearance may never be explained.
  • There is an inappropriate transition from page 69 to page 80.
  • "Surek, perhaps the most revered person in Vulcan history" (page 110) is presumably a misspelling of "Surak" (whose name is spelled correctly throughout the rest of the book).


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