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From the back cover: The crew of the Starship Defiant is trapped in a future in which the Pah-wraiths have triumphed -- as the greatest epic adventure in the saga of Deep Space 9 continues....

In the last days of the twenty-fourth century, caught in the crossfire of the apocalyptic confrontation between the Bajoran Prophets and the Pah-wraiths, Captain Benjamin Sisko, and his crew face what might be the final millennium. On one side, the Pah-wraiths' new Emissary -- Kai Weyoun -- promises his followers that when Bajor's two Celestial Temples are restored as one, all beings in the universe will ascend to a new and glorious existence with the True Prophets. On the other side, the scientists of Starfleet predict that when the two Bajoran wormholes merge, they will create a Warp 10 shock wave of infinite destructive power.

With the Federation on the brink of collapse, and Starfleet consumed by Admiral Jean-Luc Picard's obsessive quest to build the largest starship ever conceived, Sisko enters the ultimate race against time for the biggest stakes of all -- the survival of the universe itself.



Arla ReesJulian BashirJadzia DaxThe DoctorDukatElim GarakKaronKira NerysNogMiles O'BrienOdoJean-Luc PicardQuarkThomas RikerRomBenny RussellSeven of NineRyle SimonsBenjamin SiskoJake SiskoSarah SiskoT'lenTorseVashWeyounWorf
Prophet guises
Michael EddingtonVic FontaineKira NerysMartokNogMiles O'BrienOpaka SulanJean-Luc PicardWilliam RossJennifer SiskoJoseph SiskoSolokZek
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Zefram CochraneWesley CrusherDamarDataEilinAlbert EinsteinFlotterStephen HawkingHughIshkaKathryn JanewayKahless the UnforgettableKosst AmojanKruegerGeordi LaForgeMardahMartokLeonard McCoyMora PolNaradimTom ParisNaomi PedersenQWilliam RossShabrenKhan Noonien SinghSokathB'Elanna TorresTrevisDeanna TroiWinnKasidy YatesZekLewis Zimmerman


Alpha QuadrantBajorBajor-B'hava'elB'halaRhakurRhakur SeaStarbase 53Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
Referenced only 
Adigeon PrimeAlpha CentauriAndorAR-558Bajoran Central ProtectoratesBeta QuadrantBa'SyladonBorethCardassiaCestus IIICrab NebulaDeep Space 9Deep Space Station K-7Delta QuadrantDenevaErelyn IVFire CavesForest of ForeverGaiaGamma QuadrantGreenwichHub ColoniesLargo systemMirror universeNew BerlinNew OrleansNew SydneyRomulusSan FranciscoSouth Liran SeaStarfleet MuseumSto-vo-korSyladdoTrivas systemTyreeUnion Territories

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AltanexUSS Augustus (Tiberius-class) • IKS BorethCerulean StarChimera-classUSS Defiant (Defiant-class) • USS OpakaUSS Phoenix (Starfleet timeship) • travelpod
Referenced only 
Akira-classBorg cubeUSS BozemanDaedalus-classUSS DestinyUSS DiscoveryUSS EnterpriseUSS EnterpriseUSS EnterpriseGalor-classUSS GarneauIKS Heart of KahlessJem'Hadar attack cruiserSovereign-classUSS Voyager

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Referenced only 

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AscendantBajoran AscendancyBajoran MilitiaCardassian UnionDominionImperial CommandosImperial LegionKlingon EmpireObsidian OrderRegulus Science AcademyRomulan Star EmpireStarfleetTal ShiarUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Borg CollectiveCult of the Pah-wraithsFederation Department of Temporal InvestigationsFoundersGreat LinkKlingon-Cardassian AllianceMaquisQ ContinuumSection 31Starfleet Bureau of StandardsStarfleet Temporal Warfare DivisionVulcan Science Academy

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antimatter bombantimatter podCochrane spacecontact minediarrheaFeynman curveGrandfather paradoxGreenwich Mean TimeGuardian of ForeverHawking recursive dimension interpretationHeisenberg compensatorHoudiniindustrial replicatorinertial dampenerIrumodic Syndromeisolation suitLocal Planetary Timelong-term Medical Holographic programmemorymulti-vector assault modenanitenanoassemblernanoconstructornanosporenanotechnologyOrb of Timeparallel universeparticle webperidaxonpredestination paradoxquantum stasis fieldRed Orbs of JalbadorRed wormholeSlingshot effectstartemporal anomalytemporal causality looptemporal mechanicstranswarptrilithiumuniverseverteronwarp bubblewormhole

Ranks and titlesEdit

captaincommanderEmissary of the ProphetsIntegrated Systems ManagerkaiMessiahscholarSpeaker of the Borg Collectivevedek

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2388The Adventures of FlotterAlth'IndorAmojanAnslembantacabaseballbat'lethBattle of EarthBattle of Rigel VIIBattle of Wolf 359 (mirror)Books of EilinB'nai candlecasualty listcitydayDay of Ascendancydedication plaqueDominion WaremotionFerengi Rules of AcquisitionFourth Age of KahlessGaia classglob flyGreat Material RiverheadskirtHew-monkente clothk'Roth ch'KorKukalakaMarauder MoMartian terrierNaradim's Third VisionOccupation of BajorOrthodox Andorian Vengeance CyclepaghPauliplanetPrime DirectiveProject GuardianProject Looking GlassProject PhoenixRagnarökReckoningRemingtonRomulan Warroot beersarsaparillaSecond Battle of Wolf 359stardateTemporal displacement policyTerranTreaty of Wolf 359uniformuniversityvanillavoleVulcan Love SlaveVulcan Love Slave, Part II: The RevengeWar of the Prophets


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  • Worf comments about time travel and how the Klingon Empire dispatched temporal assault teams into the past to destroy their enemies before they ever developed into a threat. However, the fates of these forces is unknown.

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