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From the back cover
An ancient schism
A legendary exodus
An empire born of strife
They are the hidden enemy, the foe who is both unknown and unknowable. They are by turns hostile and peaceful, aggressive and guarded. They are a people given to violent passions, a culture for whom glory is life. They are the Romulans.
A vast region of space, the Romulan Star Empire encompasses sectors in both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The Empire's long, storied, and often brutal history remains largely hidden from most outsiders. Life within the Empire is governed by the Way of D'era, a harsh and militaristic philosophy that pre-dates the time of the Empire's founding and guides the Empire in its expansion throughout the galaxy. It is a way of honor, a way of cunning, a way of Empire.
The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire gives players and narrators alike a detailed overview of this vast interstellar empire. Within its three books you will find comprehensive discussions of everything from Imperial history and politics to Romulan religion and culture. Other sections include treatments on the Romulan economy and mercantile relations, the Imperial and senatorial fleets, worlds and client states, Romulan technology and vessels, and important personalities of the Star Empire. New ships and new templates abound. From the Tal Shiar to the homeworlds of Romulus and Remus, all the way back to the schism on ancient Vulcan -- The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire has it all for fans of the most secretive race in the Star Trek universe. Make no mistake -- you're not in the Federation any more... Are you prepared to follow the Way of D'era?
Book I: The Romulans includes:
  • Detailed treatments on Romulan history and politics.
  • An overview of the Imperial government, with information on the Senate, the Praetor, and the Continuing Committee.
  • Extensive sections on the Romulan Star Navy, including its organization, its various branches, and its role in Romulan society.
  • An in-depth look at Romulan space, from the core worlds to the Empty Frontier to the disputed territories along the rimward border with the Taurhai Unity.
  • New ships, technology, alien species, creatures, worlds, and more!
Book II: Romulan Characters includes:
  • A brand new system for creating Romulan characters, including Glory, a trait reserved for Romulans alone.
  • New skills, traits, templates, and overlays -- everything you need to create unique and vibrant Romulan characters and crew.
  • Detailed information on designing and running Romulan series, using Romulan characters within the bounds of the Star Empire -- this book essentially gives you an entire Romulan roleplaying game!
Book III: Romulan Adventures includes:
  • The Gentara Incident: On the Romulan protectorate of Gentara, the natives chafe at the yoke of Romulan dominion and secretly plot rebellion. Can you stop the revolt, and uncover the web of intrigue that lies just below the surface?
  • Duty or Conscience: A simple investigation on a small mining colony leads a Crew of Starfleet officers to uncover a violation of the Prime Directive. Your reaction could determine the fate of relations with the Romulan Empire.
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The references in this section reflect references from the boxed set supplement materials. References from the individual books will be listed at the books' own pages.

Starships and vehicles

D'deridex-class (heavy warbird) • Deresus-class (heavy scout) • D'valek-class (swift warbird) • D'virin-class (incursion frigate) • Meret-class (incursion cruiser) • Theta-class (swift courier) • T'rasus-class (light starbird) • Vereleus-class (dreadnought)

States and organizations

Romulan Star Empire
Barel familyGaius familyKassus familyKayton familyMarrus familyPublic AssemblyQellar familyRomulan Star Navy (Romulan Command FleetRomulan Praetorian FleetRomulan Kassan FleetRomulan Othan Fleet) • Tela familyTerik family
Breen ConfederacyFederationKlingon EmpireTaurhai Unity


Stellar regions and objects

Breen Confederacy
Black ClusterStarry Road
Federation-Romulan Neutral Zone
Black ClusterCheronIconiaTrelka's LairScutum Cloud
Klingon Empire
Othan sector (Derex) • NarendraVela Expanse
Nausicaan space
Venturius sector
Romulan Star Empire
Empty FrontierAruva sector (RedanskSar'kellYatil) • Diodor sector (KrotarLangusEnnarGotanna IIISandal IVFelussusProsennaStarry Road) • Jezerek sector (GentaraJezerek) • Leughon sector (LeughonSaliehTeutil) • Samnar sector (OssecUmbriosSamnar) • Jubel sector (JustarusQuatelHyberaUstullan) • Venturius sector (Eye of Grun/Hellaro CorvaAgurtha) • Markomen sector (DevorrenPallor) • Othan sector (SankraxNew OthaD'KorinOtha PrimeDerex) • Dasha sector (Torek systemDasha VertaVertilia) • Tullus sector (PerenDrovnaPollusFarlorn) • V'varian sectorIridion BeltD'sir NebulaXhujBuqretDumok'azenTrelka's LairRomulusRemusRomulan Star Outpost 6Eye of Ket-ChelebRomulan Star Outpost 67Romulan Star Outpost 112Romulan Star Outpost 24AlgeronScutum CloudM23 ClusterKirVarian NebulaV'varian sector (GainsPaxar) • Tarquin sector (GotaraTegedaar) • Tiber sector (TigelisRoulean)
Taurhai Unity
Chi'tan systemGainsTullus sectorV'varian sector
United Federation of Planets
ArtelineBlack ClusterCanopusCoalsackRigelScutum CloudSolTau CetiTomedTrelka's LairVela Expanse

Planetary locations

Allerash MountainsAnverok MountainsApnex SeaAr'hael DesertAtremon TrelAvretrelBalsanra RiverBareldak BayBarledak TrelBeld'Rath PeninsulaBrel'KarCh'erenDes'Reval MountainsD'Gansar RiverDorvek RiverDorvekD'vrex ArchipelagoEast UmrikaFal'serasFel'vothFirefalls of Gal'GathongFollosForest of Ath'reshaarGarenak SeaGav'ros TrelGend'eroth RiverHavrelar SeaHlarekH'relgath RiverJendranax StraitKae'raktar MountainsKeldrak PeninsulaKor'MarelKromtar TrelLadrosh MountainsMirekNamreshandNelrek OceanNorth Mendlanar SeaNovokOmrasharPeldradPeld'rath PeninsulaRaas'trek MountainsSath'har ArchipelagoSea of LerodanSea of VrekessSen'lanarc MountainsSherelak SeaSouth Mendlanar SeaTai'eld RiverTallesreldT'aresh MountainsTel'Garch SubcontinentTephrenTerelix StraitsThal'Tharin RiverTor'ren RiverTorvenUulmar IslandsUmrikaValcariaValley of ChulaVandrokVaraldVal'danadex TrelWall of Fire MountainsWhite Sea

Races and cultures


Technology and weapons


Other references

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