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A violent history
An ancient tradition
An enigmatic people
Vulcan. Hot, volcanic, unforgiving. Home to one of the pillars of the United Federation of Planets -- the Vulcan people. From the Fire Plains to the provinces of Kir and Raal, join us on a tour of this ancient and fascinating world. Climb into the foothills below Mount Seleya or walk the streets of Vulcana Regar. Buy a Vulcan lute in the Grand Bazaar of ShirKahr or sample some plomeek soup from a street vendor's cart in far-off Ta'vistar. When you are ready, prepare to begin your training for the most arduous personal journey of all -- the attainment of the fabled Kolinahr discipline -- as you attempt to banish all emotion.
The Way of Kolinahr includes detailed information on Vulcan history, society and culture, providing the most comprehensive look to date at this fascinating world and its people. Play a Vulcan ambassador or a Vulcan Master of the Jarok Sect of logic. Debate the finer points of multi-phasic particles at the Vulcan Science Institute. Wrestle a sehlat in the hills above Rammat. Learn to use the lirpa and ahn-woon at the Vulcan Institute of Defensive Arts. The splendors of the planet Vulcan await you.
The Way of Kolinahr opens up a multitude of new opportunities for ST: TNG RPG players and Narrators alike. An indispensable resource on the planet Vulcan and its people, The Way of Kolinahr provides all the tools necessary to design and run entire Vulcan episodes and series. It includes:
  • Guidelines for creating and playing Vulcan characters, complete with numerous new templates, overlays, and background histories.
  • A detailed look at the planet Vulcan, its history, politics, and ongoing role within the United Federation of Planets.
  • In-depth treatments on the Vulcan philosophical schools and their impact on the development of the planet and its people.
  • Comprehensive write-ups on the ancient Vulcan psionic disciplines, including many new psionic talents and abilities for characters.
  • New Vulcan technology and psionic devices, supporting cast characters, locations for players to visit, information on running extended Vulcan series, and more!


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Zefram CochraneJarokLhaiNirakSelokSenetSevakSirakSolekSpockStelStelevSudocSulenSurakS'vecTellusT'morT'PeiaT'Plana-HathT'VhetWilson
Referenced only
Arctus BaranChristine ChapelWesley CrusherDvirRichard GalenKhazanWinston NeraneauNeregNu'ValPardekJean-Luc PicardQRualSajikSanshiinSarekSatokSelokSolkarHikaru SuluSuvokSutokTalleraT'LarT'ParelT'PauT'PirTrenagT'ShanikT'ShennT'SrennT'VranVethekVitrekKal-ap-ton/Tyr-al-tepKet-chelebKir-alep/Alep-kirTel-alep/Alep-telValdena/Dena-vel

Starships and vehicles

SS Botany BayUSS IntrepidUSS ValdemarVesaya


Hall of Ancient ThoughtHall of VoicesKu'Vel'DiKul'Cha'VirPlateau of Tai-laShrine of S'vecCaves of KulvirKolinahru MonasteryMonastery of UlannTav'Sal'NavaTellarTinsha MonasteryThe OasisHall of DebatesT'sar MuseumSuta temple

Planetary locations

Han-shir (Da-lebGo'anKel ProvinceKwil'inorT'ralor PreserveVulcinis) • Na'nam (Caves of KolinarCheleb-KhorChi-reeDa'Kum'ulchaDevlarmFire PlainsFort Aba'kurGolJaleylKhir AhlKhomiKirKir ProvinceK'lanLlangon MountainsMount KolinahrMount SeleyaMount TarhanaMountains of GolNal'ShinNa'reeRaalShi'alShirKahrShival FlatsTalla ValleyTat'SahrTa'VistarT'raanT'riallT'regarViltan FlatsVulcana RegarWomb of FireXen'talXial) • Straits of Ha'ZaThanor SeaVoroth SeaXir'tan (K'lan-ne)

Planets and planetoids

Algolian ColoniesAlpha CentauriAndoriaBetazedBolarus IXCardassia PrimeEarthKal-AptonKet-ChelebKir-AlepQo'noSRomulusTel-AlepValdenaVulcan

Stars and systems

40 Eridani (Vulcanis AVulcanis BVulcanis C)

Races and cultures

Referenced only
AndorianBetazoidBorgCentauranHortaKlingonLigerianPreserversRigelianSargonianSky SpiritTellariteVhorani

States and organizations

Borg CollectiveCardassian UnionChildren of Ket-chelebClan K'vekConfederacy of VulcanDaystrom InstituteKolinahruVulcan CouncilVulcan Defense ForceVulcan Institute of Defensive ArtsV'KetV'KorV'SharFollowers of T'ShenUlannFollowers of T'ShanKlingon EmpirePlanetary Confederation of 40 EridaniRomulan Star EmpireUnited Federation of PlanetsPlanfaVulcan Isolationist MovementVulcan Mining InstituteVulcan Ministry of SecurityVulcan Ministry of DefenseVulcan Ministry of StateVulcan Ministry of ThoughtVulcan Ministry of ScienceVulcan Ministry of TradeVulcan School of DiplomacyVulcan Science Academy


chkariyacir-cengal-en-du'ungesparg'tethk'kareele-matyapel-tar'uksehlatshatarrshavokhsir-soss'imtir-nukvalitVulcan mollusk

Other references

Age of Antiquityahn-woonBattle of SeleyaBendii Syndromeb'lethburekicosmic stringFal-tor-panFirst AdeptFour Hundred and Fourgran-rathHigh Master of the KolinahruHigh Priestess of the Temple of Mount SeleyaHistory of Logicinner eyelidjasifka-ta-pakhakihrkahs-wanKal Rekkkal-tohKareel-iflaKa-ta-pakkhaiyaKhat-kuthaKhat-kelkla'tokK'oh-narkolinahrkolinahrukoon-ulkoon-ut-kal-if-feekosjenlirpaLisjanaLiskel'tuob'tareeOne Mind Schoolpach-teplak towPlat-raPlat-vokplek-rathplomeek soupPonn-iflaponn farPriests of Tel-alepPsi 2000 virusra-de'kuthaRha-fakRha-fak-panRha-telRha-tel-panRhombolian butterRod of KelRumarieSchool of NirakScrolls of SurakshalisShan-lakaShantipshon-ha'lockska-plakspace amoebaStone of GolSword of SajikTashakaTaskefaTheorems of GovernanceTime of Awakeningtrillpatri-ox compoundt'san s'atTu-JarokTu-SurakVhoshantaVorta Vorvre'katraVulcan mind meldVulcan nerve pinchVulcan-Romulan WarVulcan Golden AgeWorld War IIIyamareen


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