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The White Flame was an add-on scenario/ campaign pack for FASA's Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator table top strategy game.


From the back cover
Our ships closed upon the helpless Federation ships like an animal on wounded prey. Their destruction would allow the glorious plunder of undefended Federation space...

The White Flame is a scenario pack for the Star Trek Starship Combat Game which details the exploits of the Emperor's own 123rd Assault Flotilla. This Klingon Battle Group patrols the uneasy border of Klingon, Federation and Romulan space. Included are unit history, organization, personalities and combat readiness as well as fifteen scenarios, pitting the White Flame against Orion, Romulan and Federation opponents in a series of deadly encounters


The White Flame, Starship Combat Scenario Pack is a sourcebook for the FASA Star Trek:Starship Tactical Combat Simulator and RPG.

  • Introduction
  • The White Flame

Officers of the White Flame

  • Klemm zantai-Pallara
  • Kutsai sutai-Pallara
  • Krolk sutai-Reshtarc
  • Krimex sutai-Drexa
  • Kuge sutai-Reshtarc
  • Komax sutai-Mirth
  • Kreol sutai-Lorexen
  • Kilt sutai-Juriss
  • Karn sutai-Mirth
  • Kark sutai-Amerex
  • Kvel zantai-Urussig


  1. "Ayirn Patrol"
  2. "Operation Breakthrough"
  3. "Reprisal"
  4. "Asteroid Rain"
  5. "Hero's Welcome"
  6. "The Hunt"
  7. "Starting Off With a Bang"
  8. "Operation Eradicate"
    1. "A Romulan Surprise"
    2. "Cat and Mouse"
    3. "Pursuit"
    4. "Destruction of Outpost 4"
  9. "Honor Among Thieves"
  10. "Betrayal"
  11. "Speedy Response"
  12. "Strength in Numbers"



Klingon characters

KalkarKalpKaricKarn sutai-MirthKark sutai-AmerexKelkorKelmith sutai-MirtKilt sutai-JurissKlemm zantai-PallaraKlikl zantai-MirthKlorgKlothl sutai-SubaieshKomax sutai-MirthKreol sutai-LorexenKrimex sutai-DrexaKrolk sutai-ReshtarcKuge sutai-ReshtarcKusticKutsai sutai-PallaraKvel zantai-Urussig
Referenced only
KamatoKassaKelmen vestai-AmerixKlark sutai-HurricKleem sutai-SubaieshKlickl tai-AmerixKopKor, son of RynarKor (Chief Helmsman)Kulg sutai-MirthMaltic tai-Hurric

Other characters

J.C. FredricksenS'Tenick
Referenced only

Starships and vehicles

Klingon ships

D2B-class class VI destroyer
IKS GuardianIKS Z'gal (Seeker)
D7-class cruiser
IKS Bloodspiller (D7M-class) • IKS Deathmonger (D7M-class) • IKS Pounder (D7A-class) • IKS Powerfulunnamed D7-class starships
D10-class cruiser
IKS Claw of the Riyity (D10G-class) • IKS Glory (D10G-class) • IKS Gloryseeker (D10G-class) • IKS Mind BurnerIKS GloriousIKS Riskadhunnamed D10-class starships
D11-class destroyer
IKS BloodletterIKS Stealer
D18-class destroyer
IKS Defender (D18B-class) • IKS Hunter (D18B-class) • IKS Protectorunnamed D18-class starships
D20-class cruiser
IKS Annihilatorunnamed D20-class starships
K23-class escort
IKS Backstabberunnamed K23-class starships
L9-class frigate
IKS Waraxe (L9B-class) • unnamed L9-class starships
other ships
Klingon warpshuttleIKS Crusher (T5-class assault ship) • IKS Governor Kaleth (K6-class gunboat) • IKS Wings of Destruction (L42B-class frigate) • unnamed D16-class starships (D16-class)

Federation ships

Baker-class mk II destroyer
USS RichardsonUSS Taylor
Constitution-class cruiser
USS Kongo (mk III subclass) • USS Yamato
Constitution-class Enterprise-subclass refit cruiser
USS PotemkinUSS Intrepid
Larson-class mk II destroyer
USS BombayUSS Nelson
other ships
Federation destroyerUSS Vindicator (Reliant-subclass Miranda-class research cruiser) • USS Houston (Loknar-class frigate) • USS Searcher (Anton-class research cruiser) • USS East Anglia (Chandley-class frigate)

Other ships

Monarch-class freighter
Requlsaunnamed Monarch-class starships
other ships
unnamed CS2-class starships (CS2-class scout) • unnamed Lightning-class starships (Lightning-class blockade runner) • unnamed Lotus Flower-class starships (Lotus Flower-class class X freighter) • unnamed T10-class starships (T10-class destroyer) • unnamed V6-class starships (V6-class cruiser) • unnamed V8-class starships (V8-class bird of prey) • unnamed V30-class starships (V30-class cruiser) • unnamed Wanderer-class starships (Wanderer-class) • unnamed Z2-class starships (Z2-class battleship)


Outposts and stations

Mastocal Naval BaseRomulan Starbase 2Romulan Outpost 4 (X3-class) • Starbase 12Starbase 27

Planets and planetoids

AyirnDelta Khinah IIFloodK'KarrKolm-anMastocalOmicron Draconis VIOrganiaNew ParadisePrecipiceRemfrySelta AvastamSpikeTinnum II

Stars and systems

Organian system

Stellar regions

Federation-Klingon Neutral ZoneRomulan Neutral ZoneTakers CorridorThe Trianglethe galaxy

Races and cultures

Klingon (Imperial Race, Klingon/Human fusion, Klingon/Romulan fusion) • HumanOrionRigelianRomulan

States and organizations

Klingon EmpireKlingon 123rd Assault Flotilla (aka the White Flame) • Klingon Defense ForceKlingon Diplomatic CorpsKlingon High CommandKlingon IntelligenceImperial Klingon StatesOrion ColoniesRomulan Star EmpireStarfleetUnited Federation of PlanetsRed WingSteel WingGold Wing

Klingon lines


Technology and weapons

lev'ekphaserphoton torpedoplasma weapon

Materials and energies



Four Years WarOrganian InterventionOrganian Peace TreatyTreaty of Axanar

Ranks and titles

admiralambassadorcaptaincommanderemperorfirst officergovernorweapons officer

Other references

battle groupdiplomacyeconomicsKlingon nomenclaturehul fal tora'nkomerex zhamilitary unitpsychologyreference stardatespace stationstarbasestardatetask force


reference stardate 02/0606.30
The 123rd Flotilla is formed.
reference stardate 2/0710.13
The 123rd's battle with a Federation force gains them the nickname "the White Flame".
reference stardate 2/0801.6
The 123rd Flotilla sees its first fleet action in reinforcing Kor's battle group in the Organian system.
reference stardate 2/0909
The White Flame flotilla begins a seven-and-a-half year tour of combat in the Takers Corridor, lasting until stardate 2/1701.
reference stardate 2/1708
The White Flame unit is expanded to a nine vessel squadron.
reference stardate 2/1801.19
The White Flame assaults a Romulan space station. ("Destruction of Outpost 4")
reference stardate 2/1803.31
The White Flame protects Klingon freighters from Orion pirates. ("Honor Among Thieves")
reference stardate 2/1804.22
An Imperial Klingon States attack on the White Flame's Red Wing reveals one of their captains is a traitor. ("Betrayal")
reference stardate 2/1804.23
The White Flame's Red Wing defies orders to destroy the origin of the IKS trap on New Paradise. ("Speedy Response")
reference stardate 2/1804.24
The White Flame's Red Wing unit faces six Orion blockade runners. ("Strength in Numbers")


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