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The Worthy were a group of Karimeans that were legendary explorers. They disappeared for 325 years, being considered fairy stories by most.


Following Karimea's second recovery, the Worthy were chosen over many others for certain skills. After the Worthy were chosen, they all became anxious. The Worthy were among Karimea's boldest and finest, scientists, athletes, philosophers, shaman, engineers, healers, psychics and specialists. The Worthy were then sent to share it's knowledge with other worlds.

During their time, the Worthy were seen as liberators and healers who roamed the galaxy. They also made magnificent discoveries. The Worthy had many missions such as how they made the waters of Eferer run uphill. They also had encounters with intergalactic terrorist called Black Heart when he tried to steal the Meganites crystal purifier. They also encountered and helped the Gorn subgroup, the Lath when they were in distress on Zephiod III and when they were under attack from the ravenous bug beast of Traal.

However, the Worthy's journey ended when they encountered a being of unlimited power called Apollo. The Worthy refused to worship him as their god. The Worthy were then transported to a barren planet in the Claneian system. There, the Worthy were unable to develop a alternative fuel to leave. For years the worthy struggled to survive, sending distress signals. One of the worthy, Umirial synthesized food from rock for years till she died of the strain. The Worthy then decided to put themselves into suspended animation. Before going into suspended animation, they programed their robot for defense and activated their ship's shields.

For three hundred and twenty-five years, the Worthy slept without dreams. (TOS comics: "A Rude Awakening!", "Great Expectations!")

Prophecies, Accounts, and Cultural Impact

There were many prophecies, accounts told by the Karimea and other species about the Worthy. The Worthy were portrayed in many story books. The worthy were also written in hundred of articles from various sources.

"There is a legend that is cherished: that a band of hardy explorers, known s "The Worthy," will return at the time of their planet's greatest need. It is a legend, of course, for the Worthy vanished somewhere in the depths of space during an exploratory voyage more than three hundred years ago. And legends remain legends... ...except when they're not..."
"And those who are Worthy will be returned. Not before her darkest hour will they come... From fire a great peace will rise... Lords of light, Spirits of water, all will come together... Like never before Karimea will shine... Smiles and dancing above... Smiles and dancing below."
Karimean prophecy[src]
"And so the Worthy returned at the hour of Karimea's greatest need, and led our people into a new golden age of reason. And they lived happily ever after."
Karimean bedtime story